473rd Fighter Wing

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"Starfleet Starfighter Command"
473rd Starfighter Wing
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Star Trek starfighters can be played a myriad of ways. For the purpose of Gamma Command, this database information will remain true and applicable. For continuity and effective gameplay, Personnel and Specialists in the Starfighter Wing will be expected to know all established Fighter Wing policies, positions, and errata.

The 473rd Fighter Wing is assigned to Gamma Command, headquarters for all Starfleet operations in the Gamma Quadrant. The Wing was created in 2389 and has been slowly built-up since that time. It has been in active service at the starbase since 2389. Currently, the Wing is comprised of three Squadrons; 21 Gryphon-Class Starfighters, 21 Valkyrie-Class Starfighters, and 21 Peregrine-Class Starfighters. Not all Squadrons are currently fully staffed.

Department Structure

Main Article: 473rd Fighter Wing Positions

The 473rd Fighter Wing is made up of 000 personnel (00 Officers and 00 Enlisted). The following are Key Positions.

  • Squadron Leader
  • Chief of Fighter Maintenance
  • Fighter Maintenance Specialist

To review more about these positions, and the other positions in the Wing, please review the complete list of 473rd Fighter Wing Positions.

Fighter Pilot Policies and Procedures

All Fighter Pilots are expected to review and understand the following:

Fighter Details

Places of Note

  • Starfighter Launch Bay, Junction 3
  • Starfighter Operations, Arm 3
  • Wing Commander's Office,
  • Briefing Rooms Arm 3