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Stardate 67012.7
The USS Black Hawk-A is declared spaceworthy once again and is dispatched on a shakedown cruise.
Stardate 67015.1
The USS Black Hawk, en route to conduct training exercises, drops out of warp in the middle on an undetected ion storm. The ship suffers minor damage, including a handful of computer malfunctions (Mission 19: Sentience).
Stardate 67023.1
The USS Black Hawk arrives at a nebula to test its uprated sensor palettes and discovers a metallic structure within. The structure is soon revealed to be the USS Shran, a Saber-class vessel declared MIA during the Consortium Crisis. An investigation confirms the ship indeed fell to a mutiny, and that pirates had been secretly scrapping the ship ever since (Mission 20: Ghosts).
Stardate 67031.5
The USS Black Hawk returns to Gamma Command for repair.


Stardate 67168.0
The Black Hawk receives orders to report to Task Group Belvedere for assignment. The Task Group is charged with patrolling eastern sectors, providing rapid response to Gamma Command assets, and to seek out pirate havens.
Stardate 67201.0
Captain Harvey Geisler assumes command of Task Group Belvedere.


Stardate 67260.7
Three weeks into their assignment, the Black Hawk begins to patrol the Argatha sector. During their patrol, faint quantum filaments begin to wreak havoc on the ship's internal systems and structure.
Stardate 67258.4
The Black Hawk discovers a binary star system containing an M-class world with an extinct civilization (Mission 21: Extinction).
Stardate 67263.7
The Black Hawk discovers the cause for the civilization's demise. Near the end of the investigation, an incident amplifies the damage done by the quantum filaments and disables the ship's warp drive. The Black Hawk is towed to Gamma Command.


Stardate 67344.6
Gamma Command's yard engineers determine that they are not equipped to repair the extensive damage to the Black Hawk. The ship is decommissioned and shipped to the Alpha Quadrant. Captain Geisler is reassigned to command an Akira-class starship, which is rechristened as the USS Black Hawk-B.


Stardate 67415.9
The Black Hawk-B launches from Gamma Command and is assigned to guard a Clemda Merchant Association Convoy bound for Gavara IV (Mission 22: Extinction).
Stardate 67426.0
The convoy arrives at Gavara IV and is quickly attacked by pirates. The Black Hawk is able to defend the convoy, even though a small amount of medical supplies were stolen.
Stardate 67450.7
The USS Saratoga relieves the USS Black Hawk at Gavara, allowing Geisler and crew to continue their mission (Mission 23: Return to Razmena).
Stardate 67455.7
Two away teams from the Black Hawk arrive at the independent space station Razmena in hopes to gain information about current pirate activity. Meanwhile, the Black Hawk conducts shakedown trials.
Stardate 67458.5
The Black Hawk arrives at the rendezvous with the USS Gaittithe, only to find it severely damaged. The wreckage is littered with survivors and pirates, leaving the Black Hawk to recover the wounded and shoo away the remaining pirates.

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