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New Bajor
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New Bajor, originally just a Bajoran colony, has become the Federation's center for operations and trade in the Gamma Quadrant. It is protected by Gamma Command and various Starfleet assets. In 2388, control of New Bajor fell to the Consortium from May to August.

Colony Information

Brief History

In 2370 the Bajorans discovered the colony of New Bajor within the Gamma Quadrant. At the start of the Dominion War the colony was destroyed causing the death of 97% of the inhabitants of the colony. At the conclusion of the dominion war and after Bajor became a member of the Federation of Planets. The Federation returned to New Bajor to rebuild, and begin a new commonwealth which in the past 4 years has grown ever popular and sprouted into two commonwealths with more planned.

In 2388, the Consortium took control of New Bajor. Life proceeded as normal until near the end of the conflict when Commodore Terlexa decided to bombard New Rakantha with phaser fire and photon torpedoes. The USS Black Hawk nearly crashed into New Rakantha, but was eased into a nearby forest instead.

Government Information

The Government of New Bajor is a tri-partisan system that is made up of three councils. The Executive Council is made up of the Governor and each Commonwealth Supervisor. The Council of Mayors is quite self explanatory as the mayors of each city serve as part of it in order to vote on legislative matters chaired by the Lieutenant Governor. The Council of Advisors is the third and final branch of the government serving as an advisory board for both councils if so requested. The Council of Advisors serves at the pleasure of the Governor and are in charge of an Executive Agency or Department. The Judicial process within the colony is made up of a tribunal. A member from each of the three councils will sit as judges and vote on the outcome of cases brought before the Supreme Court.

Executive Agencies

  • Department of Justice – Controls the Colony’s court system and carries out the enforcement of sentences given by court tribunals. There are no prisons or jails located on the planet with the exception of a small brig on the Starfleet Post, and holding cells at the Police Stations. All convicted felons requiring a prison sentence are sent elsewhere to serve their term.
  • Department of Health & Humanities – The Department of Health and Humanities are responsible for managing all healthcare facilities within the colony. Providing safety regulations and mandates for the colony and insuring that all are safe while on the colony.
  • Colonial Development Commission – The Colonial Development Commission serves as the governing body regarding the development of new Cities, Townships, and Commonwealths within the New Bajor Colony. All building projects must be approved by the CDC before beginning construction.
  • Colonial Police Force – The Police Force or CPF is responsible for colony security, criminal investigations, law enforcement, and other police activities.
  • Colonial Broadcasting Network – Government run news service that also has other public programming in off-peak times.
  • Colonial Transportation Agency – The agency responsible for the transportation system on the colony, such as the transporter depots and tram system. They are also responsible for other means of transportation throughout the colony and between cities.
  • Colonial-Starfleet Relations Committee – This is headquartered in the Providence Island Commonwealth and is responsible for keeping good relations between Starfleet and civilians who are heavily affected by the multiple Starfleet installations located on the planet.

Settled Areas

Commonwealth of the Main Land

Major Cities & Townships
New Rakantha, Commonwealth & Colony Capital
New Washington

Commonwealth of Providence Island

Major Cities & Townships
Newport, Commonwealth Capital City
Township of Hampton

Federation Government Services

Starfleet Installations

Government Buildings

  • Federation Embassy: New Bajor Colony
  • Colonial Government Center
  • CTA - Providence Island Tram Terminal
  • CTA - Providence Island Transit Center
  • CTA - Mainland Central Station
  • CTA - Mainland South
  • CTA - Mainland North

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