USS Zambezi

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USS Zambezi
Craft Information




Evacuation Capacity:


Speed & Armaments
Cruising Speed:

Warp 6

Maximum Speed:

Warp 6.9 (12 hours)

Unique Features

The USS Zambezi is a Morava-Class Runabout assigned to the USS Black Hawk as a replacement for the destroyed USS Mississippi.


The USS Zambezi was registered to the USS Black Hawk on December 3, 2389.

Class Background

Late in 2385, Starfleet determined that the Danube class, while still a valuable and useful craft, was beginning to reach the end of its usefulness and required a major overhaul. Several studies were carried out on the feasibility of designing and constructing an entirely new runabout, but ultimately it was decided that a refit package which could be rolled out across the fleet was more efficient and less costly in time, effort and resources.

The Morava class is the result of this design philosophy, a refitted and upgraded Danube class, using the existing superstructure and hull but replacing most of the systems within for greater functionality, flexibility and survivability.

Notable Upgrades

It was decided early in the design phase that an entire interior and systems replacement would be necessary. To that end, while the basic hull of the Danube has been retained, most of the internal, propulsion, power, science and tactical systems have been replaced.

  • The Morava class’ computer core was upgraded to the bio-neural system, augmenting the older isolinear optical chip system.
  • The runabout’s warp core was upgraded to an output of 600 cochranes and the nacelles replaced with those from the type-11 shuttle to give the vessel a higher warp rating. The impulse engines were refitted with two 800 milicochrane engines, also from the type-11 shuttle.
  • The Danube’s classes six type-V phaser arrays were replaced by four type-XI arrays, which have a higher output but higher power efficiency, overall using about the same amount of power.
  • The Danube’s original two-shot torpedo launcher was removed and two micro-torpedo launchers were added, one fore and one aft, each contain a fifteen torpedo magazine.
  • The Danube’s multi-layered shielding system was replaced by the regenerative shielding system. In addition, four centimeters of ablative armor was added to the hull.
  • The Danube’s sensor suite was replaced with a more advanced version from the Delta Flyer project, increasing the communications and sensor range by 50%
  • Two of the rear bunks were removed to make space for a small medical bay containing a biobed and associated medical sensor suite.
  • One of the replicators was removed and replaced by a holographic emitter to allow the use of holographic medical personnel if necessary.
  • The Danube’s two-person transporter was replaced by a four-person unit.
  • A variable purpose emitter (taken from the type-11 shuttle) was added to the Morava class.
  • Upgraded fusion reactors and increased deuterium storage were built in to the design.
  • The added bulk of additional systems within the vessel has reduced the total crew compliment from 10-15 to 8-12.

Technical Specifications

Basic Information

  • Length: 23.2 meters
  • Width: 13.8 meters
  • Height: 5.5 meters
  • Mass: 172.2 metric tons
  • Hull: Duranium-Tritanium composite
  • Number of Decks: 1 Total


  • Officers and Crew: 8-12
  • Evacuation Limit: 35
  • Food Replicators: 1
  • Bunks: 2 (Aft Cabin)


  • Full Impulse: .4c (limited to .25c in normal operations)
  • Cruise Speed: Warp 6
  • Maximum Velocity: Warp 6.9 (for twelve hours)



  • 1x 600 cochrane warp core.
  • 2x 800 milicochrane impulse engines
  • LCARS controlled bio-neural computer systems with isolinear optical subprocessors.
  • 1x standard 4-personnel transporter unit with 45,000 kilometer range
  • 1x aft-mounted variable purpose emitter
  • Enhanced compact sensor pallet with 15 lightyear range
  • Communications Range: 15 light years
  • 1x Standard biobed
  • 1x holographic emitter in aft cabin
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