The Guardians

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The Guardians
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Joint Venture




The Guardians are a volunteer organization comprised of multiple species that guards the interior of the Finnean Convergence Zone.


The Guardians were established following the end of the Great Conflict. While few details about that conflict still remain, the duties have not. Per the Guardian creed, nothing is to enter or exit the Zone. Any attempt to leave the zone results in forfeiture of life, and anything that enters the Zone is to be destroyed or captured. The Guardians also established the Archive in the Kalisa Sector to protect all knowledge of the Great Conflict and the Enemy. In order to prevent the Great Conflict from renewal, the Guardians have forbidden the advancement of technology, research and scientific exploration, forcing the inhabitants to live in a constant state of poverty.

In 2389, the Guardians detected the entry of a massive starship, its size unlike anything it had seen before. Opting to take the ship into custody for study and dismantling, the Guardians inadvertently allowed the crew of the USS Black Hawk-A to realize what was happening and stop their attempt. The Guardians lost three ships during the conflict, with their crews fleeing in lifeboats and small crafts to avoid capture or other certain death.


The total number of species participating in the Guardians is unknown, especially since their environmental suits are designed to obscure identities and prevent improper exposure. Known species in Guardian membership are:

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