Terry Walsh

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Terry Walsh
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USS Black Hawk-A


Executive Officer



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Commander Terry Walsh currently serves aboard the USS Black Hawk-A as Executive Officer.


Terry was born in New York City, Earth into the home of a Starfleet family. His late father, Leon Walsh was a Command Sergeant Major for the SFMC who loved his family. Terry, Paul, and Arianna grew up with a love and loyalty to family. When Terry joined the Corps, that devotion transferred to his Marine family. It was at Flight School, that he met his best friend and future battle buddy, Mark Shelby. The two were inseparable; where Terry went, Mark wasn't far behind. And vice versa. That is until after graduation when Terry was assigned to an Excalibur class Explorer to fly the Tyhoon class fighters. Terry met up with his old Flight School friend, Mark Shelby, three to four years later at his next assignment. The two caught up on old times and laughed about some things they did in flight school. But that wouldn’t last much longer. The Akira class ship received a distress from a Federation outpost. It was under attack from the Jem'Hadar. During the battle, Mark's fighter was hit enemy fire and was destroyed. Terry watched as his wingman departed this mortal coil. The explosion of Mark’s fighter nearly destroyed Terry’s. He was losing consciousness as he remembered Mark’s dying words, “It’s not your fault, buddy.”

After several years, things had quieted down and the Corps had lost lots of good men and women. And so had Starfleet. Some of the Marines were getting med-boarded out and others were being transferred to less demanding places and assignments as their need aboard starships and stations dwindled. For example, quite a few of Terry’s friends were getting orders to be instructors at flight school. That’s not what he wanted. It never was. He liked flying and there was nothing else he wanted to do. But there wasn’t much of a call for Marine combat pilots anymore. But he still put in for duty at an active squadron. The Corp finally found one on a Sovereign class ship.

A few years later, Terry got a message from home. His dad had passed away. The Corp refused to give Terry the long sabbatical that he needed, so he resigned. Burying his dad and dealing with the resultant anguish was difficult. The only redemption he found was in caring for his mother. But after almost two years, even she noticed that Terry was antsy. And she knew what it was, too…her boy longed for the black, the wide open space. He was meant to be a flyer. The family made arrangements that would allow Terry to return to active duty, but at a price. He would wear the uniform of the Fleet, not the Corp, and he would take a demotion in rank. Lieutenant Terry Walsh was assigned to the USS Black Hawk as the Chief Support Craft Pilot. Since then, he has been promoted to Lieutenant Commander and given command of the 325th Fighter Squadron...the Black Knights.

Terry has been pushed to the limit ever since. He's contracted a virus that nearly killed him after driving him insane. The result was a more somber, less jovial Terry Walsh. He's come face to face with the Consortium in an all-out battle where he had to emergency beam-out before his Valkyrie exploded. He watched from the bridge of Jem'Hadar ship as the Akira class Black Hawk hurtled towards a planet. And on the new Black Hawk-A, he's been in a variety of strange situations after forgetting who he was and everything he ever knew.


C. Mackenzie Kos

Kos was the ship's Executive Officer. Terry's relationship with her ended after the time of the viral outbreak among the crew. His insanity and the resurgence of the death of Mark Shelby changed him drastically. Kos took a medical leave of absence afterwards and transferred off the Black Hawk.

Daniella (Dani) Blake

Terry began dating Dani after someone, who'd become a good friend, told him that he needed to find someone to open up to. Someone to help bring him from his somberness. And Camila was right. There were many things in his life that he hadn't dealt with, many things that bothered him, and what he needed was someone to listen. That's when the big guy got torpedoed in the ship's pool by a petite blonde from Medical, Daniella Blake. Dani and Terry hit it off well. They began getting to know one another when they went on walks around the ship and had meals together. The two have spent time together on shore leave and eventually moved in together.

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