Golden Stars

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Golden Stars
Basic Information
Known Involved Species:

Nestene IX



Political Information
Government Type:

Mercantile Organization


Richard Carter


The Golden Stars were founded by a long-lost human colony ship launched in the 2100s. The colony ship was somehow dragged to the Gamma Quadrant before crash landing on the desert planet Nestene IX. Slowly, the survivors began to tame the planet and began to attract trading species from nearby sectors.

Eventually, The Syndicate saw value in Nestene IX, but the Golden Stars were too powerful to overthrow. They began to infiltrate the organization to destroy it from within. Thanks to the efforts of the USS Black Hawk, the Syndicate threat was quelled, and the membership of the Golden Stars were transported to a different planet to live in peace.

Known Members

Richardcarter.jpg Alicecarter.jpg Cartersm.jpg Karemma.jpg
Richard Carter
Alice Carter Emily Carter D'rimo