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The Battle of Deep Space 11 was fought on August 17, 2388 between a Starfleet/Dominion alliance and The Consortium. The Starfleet/Dominion alliance was commanded by Commodore Zachary O'Connell while the Consortium forces were commanded by Commodore Juliana Terlexa.

Build Up

Following the surprise Consortium defeat at Starbase Unity, Starfleet was left with two choices: Wait for more Dominion reinforcements for a proper assault on Starbase Unity or Immediately launch their counterattack at New Bajor/Deep Space 11. The advantages and disadvantages to either decision were rather obvious. If Starfleet were to strike immediately, then the Consortium had a slim chance they could rally enough reinforcements to continue their offensive.

If Starfleet were to wait and properly rebuild and regroup, then the Consortium could have very well summoned reinforcements from the Alpha Quadrant. By now, the Starfleet-controlled USS Nogura had managed to slip through the blockade. If the Consortium chose to follow the Nogura, they very well had a chance to dispute Captain Azulas' claim, and forever seal Starfleet's fate in the Gamma Quadrant. The odds were just as good that Starfleet would believe the Nogura and send a task group to retake Deep Space 11 on their own.

After evaluating the possibilities, Starfleet chose to act immediately. Every able ship departed Starbase Unity and set a course for Deep Space 11.

The Battle

As expected, the Consortium had bolstered their numbers by calling in Dosi, Karemma and Selamat reinforcements. Commodore Terlexa knew all too well that the battle would be won by the Starfleet/Dominion alliance. She, therefore, began to make Starfleet's victory as bitter as possible by razing New Bajor's capitol city. By the time Starfleet arrived, much of the capitol was ablaze. Hundreds of thousands were rendered homeless, and it was a miracle that the death toll was as low as it was.

Commodore Terlexa, knowing Deep Space 11 would be the primary target, kept a single task group to defend the Regula-class station and used the remaining forces to blockade the planet, preventing Starfleet and the Dominion from landing ground and relief troops for as long as possible.

Consortium Blockade

Led by Commodore Zachary O'Connell, his command group engaged the blockade at New Bajor. The Consortium deployed their forces brilliantly, utilizing tactics designed to slow the assault and stall immediate destruction. It took Starfleet close to an hour to finally dismantle the blockade and begin sending relief forces down to the planet. Though Starfleet casualties at this stage of the battle were minimal, the Dominion lost nearly half of their attack force as the Consortium deliberately targeted Starfleet's ally. A majority of the two starfighter squadrons employed by Starfleet were also destroyed during the conflict.

Deep Space 11

Led by Captain Harvey Geisler of the USS Black Hawk, his task group of seven starships engaged the Consortium forces surrounding the starbase. Their objective was not to destroy the base, as it was believed that the Consortium cancer did not infect everyone aboard, but merely select individuals. It was determined after the battle that as many as fifty personnel aboard Deep Space 11 were true Consortium agents. The objective, therefore, was to unveil the truth about the Consortium to all of the personnel on board. To do so, each starship was to beam aboard two boarding parties, each containing an isolinear chip with specially designed malware that would override the computer's protocols, lock out command access, and play a station-wide message to share the truth with the crew aboard.

In the fight to drop the starbase's shields, Geisler's task group lost only one vessel with another disabled while the Consortium defenders lost half their task group. As soon as the shields were dropped, and the ships began transport, Deep Space 11 opened fire. Starfleet vessels began to be disabled or destroyed left and right. By the time a team from the Black Hawk managed to achieve their objective, all remaining Consortium ships were disabled, and Starfleet's only able vessel was the USS Cochrane. Most of the Starfleet vessels, including the USS Black Hawk, were destroyed.


A list of vessels that participated in the Battle of Deep Space 11.

Starfleet Consortium
  • USS Akihito
  • USS Black Hawk (destroyed)
  • USS Brandenburg
  • USS Callisto (destroyed)
  • USS Cochrane
  • USS Freedom
  • USS Hawk (destroyed)
  • USS Nelson (destroyed)
  • USS O'Carroll
  • USS Thunderchild (destroyed)
  • USS Valcour (disabled)
  • 30 Starfighters (18 destroyed)

  • 8 Battleships (4 destroyed)
  • 12 Attack Fighters (5 destroyed)
  • USS Agamemnon (destroyed)
  • USS Antares (disabled)
  • USS Bozeman (destroyed)
  • USS Hammerhead (disabled)
  • USS Hastings (disabled)
  • USS Invincible (destroyed)
  • USS Sovereign (disabled)
  • USS T'Pava (disabled)
  • USS Ticonderoga (destroyed)
  • 60 Starfighters (40 destroyed)
  • 4 Karemma Ships (destroyed)
  • 5 Dosi Cruisers (4 destroyed)
  • 6 Selamat Battlecruisers (destroyed)

OOC Notes

Use of Bravo Fleet's Battle of Deep Space 11 is permitted under the Creative Commons 4.0 License and has been modified to suit the story and purposes of the USS Black Hawk Star Trek Role-Playing Simulation.

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