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Stardate 66009.0
The USS Black Hawk-A crosses the barrier into the Finnean Convergence Zone. In transit, the ship loses power and veers out of control. After it emerges, the crew finds that their memories have disappeared, including knowledge of who they are and what they are doing (Mission 13: Crossing Over). After an unfortunate encounter with natives, the crew have their memories restored and begin to repair the ship.


Stardate 66088.8
Having finished repairs, the ship arrives at the Alpha Trios system to conduct an extensive survey of it and its inhabitants in hopes of finding its first set of clues to the mysterious danger to the Federation. The crew study several destroyed planets, survey various locals, and barter for goods, but do not come up with most information (Mission 14: The Search Begins).
Stardate 66094.2
Captain Geisler orders the Black Hawk into a nearby nebula to disseminate and process the information the crew has collected. During a final debriefing, the ship is rocked by several quantum filaments, scattering the crew throughout different points in time. Through some quick thinking, and dangerous manipulation of their antimatter, the crew is reunited in one time zone. Captain Geisler orders the immediate evacuation of what is now known as the Time Warp Nebula (Mission 15: Fractured).


Stardate 66176.6
The Black Hawk arrives at the Kalisa Sector in hopes to gain access to a mysterious planetary archive to find more information, only to find it surrounded by a massive minefield. The crew retrofits the Runabout Mississippi with multi-adaptive shielding and dispatches an away team to the archive to gather more information. While the Away Team is absent, the Black Hawk's hull is infested by a tritanium-eating parasite. The parasites are removed by the time the Away Team returns with new intelligence to sift and decipher (Mission 16: The Kalisa Conundrum).
Stardate 66239.8
The Black Hawk arrives at Penduli V to investigate where the clues have led them so far. An Away Team is dispatched to the surface, and is immediately captured and infected with parasitic organisms known as the Dolmoqour which assume total control of the host's bodies and memories. When the Away Team return to the ship, the Away Team systematically assume control of the ship, despite the fact that Captain Geisler is able to escape their clutches and launch the probe that will drift aimlessly for a hundred years, disappear into the past, and be recovered in 2388 by the USS Vasco da Gama. Captain Geisler is apprehended by The Guardians, but is freed and allowed to return to the Black Hawk, with a team, to free his starship. Over the course of the day, the Black Hawk is freed from the Dolmoqour. Including those who had perished since entering the zone, eighty-four lives are counted as lost ([Mission 17: Truth and Justice).


Stardate 66273.0
The Black Hawk returns to the Alpha Trios system where it can be close to the station operated by the Aketi for repair and relief. The first shuttles depart the Black Hawk for the barrier, carrying twenty of the deceased, and twelve of the most seriously injured.
Stardate 66292.2
The USS Ganges, USS sh'Thrall, and USS Norse cross through the Convergence Zone barrier with supplies and engineering details to affect structural repairs to the USS Black Hawk.
Stardate 66300.4
Admiral O'Connell arrives in the Convergence Zone aboard the USS Halibut to meet with Guardian representatives. After three days of negotiations, Admiral O'Connell is granted permission to bring food, medical supplies, and other humanitarian aid through the barrier to the Alpha Trios system.


Stardate 66330.5
Repairs to the Black Hawk continue as more Starfleet ships are able to transverse the barrier into the Convergence Zone. Due to the barrier's unique properties, Norway-class and Diligent-class vessels find the best success crossing the barrier without issues. Runabout ferries continue to offload non-essential personnel from the Black Hawk, including more of the deceased and wounded. By the end of the month, only 400 of the Black Hawk's original 780 crew compliment remain aboard.


Stardate 66423.7
After seven weeks, the Black Hawk is declared fit to attempt punching through the barrier. Her manifest is reduced to 104 personnel with Captain Geisler still in command. The Black Hawk crosses the barrier on its first attempt, though it suffers additional structural damage.
Stardate 66453.8
The USS Black Hawk arrives at New Bajor and docks at Gamma Command's Shipyards for significant repairs, refits, and upgrades. Most of the ship's crew is granted shore leave for brief intervals before being temporarily assigned to ships and outposts throughout the quadrant.


Stardate 66916.8
The crew of the Black Hawk is recalled in small numbers at a time. In addition, new personnel are assigned to the starship, including a Vulcan Counselor named Tivan.

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