Starfleet Registry (Remnant)

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A comprehensive list of Starfleet vessels, active and inactive.

Name Registry Class CO Status Location
USS Lexington NCC-1709 Constitution Captain Martin Collins Active
USS Chabon NCC-1447 Cardenas Captain Alexandra Terrell Active
USS Honchar NCC-1436 Cardenas Inactive Mothyards
USS McGee NCC-1056 Engle Active
USS Doolittle NCC-1064 Engle Active
USS Earhart NCC-1052 Engle Inactive Mothyards
USS Callisto NCC-1668 Nimitz Captain Hugo Aamaya Active
USS Ganymede NCC-1651 Nimitz Active
USS Tallas NCC-1414 Magee Active Drydock 2
USS Shras NCC-1423 Magee Inactive Drydock 3
USS Tholos NCC-1398 Magee Active
USS Thelev NCC-1410 Magee Active
USS Abynohl NCC-1404 Magee Active
USS Sorias NCC-1423 Magee Active
USS Nguyen NCC-1631 Malachowski Active
USS Patel NCC-1645 Malachowski Active
USS Zheng NCC-1629 Malachowski Inactive Mothyards
USS Kerala NCC-1255 Shepard Active
USS Bihar NCC-1259 Shepard Active
USS Assam NCC-1301 Shepard Active
USS Odisha NCC-1268 Shepard Active
USS Grebiss NCC-1243 Walker Active
USS Jehnau NCC-1240 Walker Active
USS Saalkark NCC-1223 Walker Active Drydock 4
USS T'shais NCC-1235 Walker Inactive Drydock 1