Risky Business (Mission)

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Risky Business

Season 2




August 2, 2388


1 Week


The Consortium have begun to consolidate their forces in preparation to strike vital TF9 and Allied targets in the Gamma Quadrant. While loyalist forces are outnumbered and outgunned, the Consortium is still hesitant against direct combat, as the losses would be too severe. Commodore Williams has a daring plan to eliminate Unity and the rest of Task Group Belvedere, but has little faith in the rumors. Her best hope of finding it lays in the two Intrepids at her disposal, the Chimera and the Cochrane. Meanwhile, she begins to concentrate on Gavara for an assault with or without this fabled weapon.

Fresh off the New Risan Plague, the Black Hawk is immediately tasked with the impossible, race the Chimera and the Cochrane to the source of these rumors to disprove them, or destroy the weapon, no matter the cost.


Mere hours after the USS Black Hawk arrives at Starbase Unity, Commodore Zachary O'Connell summons the Black Hawk's staff to a Classified meeting. There, he gravely updates the crew on the situation at hand and tasks the Black Hawk with two objectives. First, they are to locate and destroy a Thalaron weapon rumored to be aboard a Valdore-class Romulan vessel which is believed to be somewhere inside the Hadyn Nebula. Second, they are to regain control of the USS Chimera and USS Cochrane, the Consortium vessels assigned to retrieve the Thalaron weapon. The Black Hawk departs immediately.

Along the way, preparations begin among the crew. Daring plans are concocted while new crew members settle in. Through the transit, the spirits of the crew remain high, despite deciding to use a Tri-Cobalt Torpedo agains the Valdore and planning an emergency evacuation of the ship in the event that they are unable to stop the Consortium.

Things begin to chance when the crew arrives at the nebula. Two days pass by, and tensions begin to mount. On the morning of August 6, 2388, the Black Hawk encounters a massive gravitation distortion, wreaking havoc throughout the ship and accelerating the feelings of dread and doubt among the crew.

Later that morning, the Black Hawk finds the USS Chimera. The USS Cochrane surprises the Black Hawk from behind, and a battle begins. The Black Hawk manages to send boarding parties to both ships, and the boarding parties make quick work of disabling the ships. The damage, however, was done. Dozens of personnel were lost among the three ships, but the Consortium agents are placed into custody. It is quickly learned that Captain Vaanika Suresh and several members of the senior staff were not among the two ships.

A couple hours later, the Valdore, commanded by Captain Suresh, finds the Black Hawk. As the battle begins, the ships learn that the Thalaron device not only exists, but is charging to fire. The device is unstable, sending radiation in varied and precise directions, killing anything it touches. The Black Hawk uses the Tri-Cobalt Torpedo to destroy the Valdore. The ship explodes with such a violent force, and with all three ships being so close to the Valdore, they are all rocked by the shockwave and severely damaged.

Unbeknownst to the crews, they accidentally created a rift in the space/time continuum, transporting all three ships into an Alternate Universe...


Although many more posts were published by our players, these posts represent the Mission-related Timeline.

Mission Day 1

Mission Day 2

Mission Day 3

Mission Day 4

  • 1000 Hours | Arrival at the Nebula (not written)

Mission Day 5

Mission Day 6

OOC Information

Mission 8 began on June 5, 2016 and was concluded on August 20, 2016. During the mission, 158 posts were published.

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