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Ship Specifications

For the complete technical specifications, see USS Black Hawk-A Specifications.
Crew Manifest 883 souls
Decks 24
Weapons * 9x Type-IX Phaser Arrays
Max Speed Warp 9.975 for 24 hours
Shields Regenerative Shielding System

Key Locations

A cutaway of the bridge of the USS Black Hawk
For a complete Deck Listing, click HERE.

Support Craft

A Type-11 Shuttle


All Personnel


Fighter Squadron

Ship History

To see what is currently happening on the Black Hawk, please review our Current Mission.
For the complete chronology of the Black Hawk, relating to how it fits in the Star Trek Universe, please review our Timeline.
For a complete history of the first starship to bear the name, see USS Black Hawk.
For a complete history of the second and current starship to bear the name, see USS Black Hawk-A.
For a complete listing of all of the Black Hawk's missions, see this Category.

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