Outbreak (Mission)

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Season 2




July 1, 2388


3 Weeks


Following the Consortium uprising aboard the USS Black Hawk and narrowly averting the crisis at Gavara, the Black Hawk is escorted to Starbase Unity by the USS O'Carroll. Multiple debriefings are held, and the crew is allowed some time to relax and adjust to their unfortunate situation. For others, like Captain Geisler, this time is used to heal.

But time is not on anyone’s side. The Consortium continues to manipulate the Gamma Quadrant and if there is any hope for Starfleet to regain control, Deep Space 11 must be retaken soon. The Black Hawk is therefore sent on a supply run to a loyal port of call in the Yolvanda system.

Yolvanda II is the only Class-M planet in the binary star system. Prior to colonization by the Karemma, there was no record of life on the planet. Many from the Alpha Quadrant have nicknamed the planet “New Risa” due to its many exotic features and many an officer has taken shore leave on the planet. Captain Geisler even goes to far to extend their mission for a couple days so that the crew can enjoy a little R&R before reentering the fray at Starbase Unity.

Shortly after arrival, however, many of the population in the city fall ill to a mysterious illness. It quickly spreads, infecting even those who beamed down from the Black Hawk. Can this fatal virus be stopped and its true origin revealed before Captain Geisler and his crew be blamed for the outbreak?


With the crew not given much time to rest following their encounter with the USS O'Carroll, the Black Hawk is dispatched on a supply run to Yolvanda II, a pleasure planet operated by the Wadi. Upon arrival, Captain Geisler grants shore leave for the crew. Many of the crew immediately transport down to partake.

While the crew begin to relax, a mysterious virus begins to take over the planet. The infected lose sleep, become restless, hallucinate, and die. The moment the virus is revealed (in form of the first few deaths on Yolvanda), Captain Geisler immediately orders the planet into quarantine. The Captain himself finds that he is just not immune to the virus, he was one of the first infected. He tries to help find a cure, but eventually finds that he is unable to help. Many of the crew are infected, including Lt. Commander Walsh, who attempts to kill Lieutenants Cooper and Di Pasquale outside sickbay.

As the situation worsens, Doctor Kij discovers that the Trill on board have a natural immunity to the virus. Banding together with Lt. Bast, Lt. Commander Casey, and the rest of the Trill on board the Black Hawk, they manage to create a cure and administer it to the crew. Not all are able to be saved. In fact, six crew members die. A seventh death later occurs, that of Lt. Commander Xiao, who assumed the role of Executive Officer while Commander Kos was on medical leave.

The crew begins to recover, albeit slowly. Captain Geisler returns to duty and orders a security team to track down Patient Zero, who was rumored to be alive. Lieutenant Di Pasquale leads the team and finds Patient Zero, a Paradan, and extradites him and a blackened Starfleet probe to the USS Black Hawk. A study of the probe determines that it was launched by the USS Chimera, a Consortium-controlled vessel.


While over 150 posts were published in this mission, not all had bearing on its outcome. This timeline has all of the Mission-Critical posts presented in the order of occurrence.

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OOC Information

Mission 7: Outbreak began on February 14, 2016 and ended on June 5, 2016. During that time, 151 posts were published.

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