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Season 3




March 29, 2389 - January 1, 2390


9 Months


The Dolmoqour threat has been eliminated, but at great cost. Over 10 percent of the ship’s crew had been lost throughout the mission in the Convergence Zone, and the remainder had been severely traumatized. Starfleet has deactivated the crew for now, allowing them time to rest, seek counseling, and prepare for the next mission.


With the Dolmoqour threat ended, the crew of the USS Black Hawk is left to pick up the pieces. Ensign Quinn Mackie, the last survivor of the original infected, is debriefed by both the Guardians and Captain Geisler. The Ensign, while exonerated by the interviews, still walks away carrying the shame and guilt for what the Dolmqour parasite had done to him. He was not alone, especially as much of the crew, including those who had been briefly affected such as Lieutenant Di Pasquale, or tortured at the hands of the parasites such as Lieutenant Commander Djinx, become shells of themselves and start closing themselves off to most of the crew. For others, such as Lieutenant Akorem who is promoted to fill a void in the Senior Staff, life returns mostly to normal since there is plenty of repair work to be completed.

The Guardians escort the Black Hawk to the Alpha Trios system where it parks in orbit of Alpha Trios III. Several crew, including the severely wounded and traumatized, are dispatched via shuttle through the Finnean Convergence Zone barrier in order to return to capable Starfleet facilities for treatment. The data collected from these transits through the barrier are analyzed by Research and Development, who then outfit deflector shield modifications to Norway- and Diligent-class vessels. The USS Haggold, USS Touyu, and the USS Shrehriab successfully cross the barrier without incident and arrive at the USS Black Hawk's position to begin repairs to the damaged skeletal structure. Repairs last for six weeks, during which time, the USS Honshu arrives in the system with Admiral Zachary O'Connell on board. Admiral O'Connell meets with Guardian Commander Varke, as well as representatives from the native species. Three days of intense negotiations follow, after which the Admiral announces a new partnership with the Guardians, providing new sensor technology to detect the Dolmoqour parasites. The Guardians, meanwhile, pledge to end the technological stalemate in order to allow the inhabitants of the Zone to no longer live in poverty. Both the station at Alpha Trios III and the planetary encampment on Alpha Trios IV are selected as the initial locations to lift the embargo and acclimate the inhabitants to life as it should be.

On Stardate 66423.7 (June 4th), a repaired Black Hawk successfully attempts to punch through the barrier, although it suffers extreme damage to the warp drive and other structural damage. The ship is escorted at Warp Four to New Bajor where it enters a drydock orbiting the planet for extensive repair. Initial estimates put the repair timeline just under six months. Most of the crew elect to stay with the mighty starship and get involved in the repair and refit, while others accept temporary assignment away from the starship.



  • March 29 | 1900 hours: The Silver Lining, featuring Lieutenant Geisler, Lieutenant Stuart & Doctor Kij
  • March 29 | 1920 hours: Fresh Light in a Dark World, featuring Captain Geisler, Lt. Geisler, & Doctor Kij
  • March 29 | 2000 hours: Broken & Disgraced, featuring Ensigns Mackie & Khan
  • March 29 | 2130 hours: Seeing the Krestnikov, featuring Captain Geisler, Lt. Geisler & SCPO Rasputin
  • March 29 | 2230 hours: Overwhelmed, featuring Doctor Kij & Corpsman Rylan
  • March 30: Debriefing, featuring Captain Geisler, Lieutenant Di Pasquale, & Ensign Macklemore



  • Avoidance, featuring Doctor Kij & Lieutenant Rhula
  • Dear Dad, featuring Lieutenant Stuart
  • May 2: New Arrival, featuring Lt. Di Pasquale & Ensign Proctor
  • May 13: Peeking In, featuring Lieutenant Geisler & Ensign Khan





  • Incoming, featuring Lieutenant JG Akorem & Ensign Alessandro




  • Help, featuring WO2 Griffin
  • Physical - Ryler, featuring Lt. Commander Kij & Lieutenant Ryler
  • Let's Get Physical, featuring Lt. Commander Kij & Chief Warrant Officer ch'Thulhu
  • January 2: Hello!, featuring Lt. Commander Tivan & Lieutenant Alexander
  • January 2: Blaming Oneself, featuring Lieutenant JG Sorensen & Ensign Nasek
  • January 3: Running Late, featuring Captain Geisler and Lt. McCullen
  • January 3: Tune, featuring Lieutenant McCullen
  • January 3: New Number One, featuring Lt. Commander Djinx & Lieutenant Ryler

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Mission 18 began on November 29, 2019 and was concluded on April 25, 2020. During that time, 60 posts have been published.

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