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Season 2




August 14, 2388


3 Days


The Black Hawk and Cochrane have returned home at the most opportune of moments. In their absence, Starfleet joined forces with the Dominion to reverse the Consortium’s advance. With Starbase Unity defended, and an effort underway to get a ship to the Alpha Quadrant through the Consortium blockade, Starfleet has undertaken its boldest move yet: Retaking Deep Space 11...


Three days after the crew of the USS Cochrane were rescued, the USS Black Hawk and the Cochrane return to the Hadyn Nebula to study the rift and return home. Any chance of study, however, is jeopardized when it is revealed that a Confederation ship was in fast pursuit. The crew attempt to recreate the circumstances that brought them to this universe in hopes that the explosion would collapse the rift, and close the door between the realities. The USS Tigris, one of the Black Hawk's two runabouts, is sacrificed in this regard, closing the rift once and for all, though much of the Hadyn Nebula was sucked inside. This activity attracts the attention of Commodore Zachary O'Connell, who, along with a Starfleet/Dominion Task Force, was en route to Deep Space 11 for a final confrontation with The Consortium.

With the Black Hawk and Cochrane joining their ranks, the task force continues towards Deep Space 11. A plan is hatched. While the starships could and would eventually overpower the Consortium forces, security teams would board Deep Space 11 in hopes of revealing the truth to all aboard that Commodore Juliana Terlexa is the source of the cancer within Starfleet.

Upon arrival, the Black Hawk and her task force make quick work of disabling most of Deep Space 11's defenses and beam aboard two boarding parties in hopes that their efforts will bring down the mighty base. Shortly after transport is complete, the Black Hawk receives a fatal wound and loses too much power to maintain her orbit. The ship is abandoned shortly before it crash lands on the surface of New Bajor.


This mission is a direct continuation of Click Three Times (Mission). As such, we begin on Day 14.

Mission Day 12

Mission Day 14

Mission Day 17


Deep Space 11


OOC Information

Mission 10: Endgame began on January 14, 2017 and ended on March 31, 2017. 65 posts were published.

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