Extinction (Mission)

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Season 4




March 30, 2390


25 days


The Black Hawk, having recently uncovered a fresh band of piracy operating freely on the edge of Starfleet space, is assigned to patrol the Argatha sector in hopes of finding a lead on a pirate haven. Upon arrival, the Black Hawk’s long-range sensors pick up an uncharted binary system in the western quadrant and moves to investigate, only to discover the system mostly lifeless, aside from the remains of an extinct civilization on the second planet. The investigation continues, and the mystery deepens, especially when they discover something absolutely shocking...


Admiral O'Connell orders Captain Geisler and the Black Hawk to assume command of Task Group Belvedere. Belvedere's primary objective is to seek out potential locations where pirates may use as safe havens. On March 15, 2390 (Stardate 67201.0), the Black Hawk begins its assignment and starts to visit sectors and systems that have not been visited by Starfleet in several years.

As the Black Hawk begins its mission, the crew settle into a routine. Fighter pilots inspect their fighters and run simulations. The Security department meets to implement new policies and procedures designed to prevent further spies from manipulating and sabotaging the Black Hawk. Flight Control plots a course throughout the surrounding sectors to establish several patrol routes. Captain Geisler continues his tradition of conducting surprise inspections throughout the ship, renews physical and tactical certifications, and meets with many of the department heads, including the ship's new Chief Engineer and new Chief Counselor.

Lieutenants Kemm and Ryler soon discover evidence of temporal tampering aboard the Black Hawk, indicated by a rusted support bracing in the secondary life support systems.

Routine operations and investigates force the crew to settle into a mundane and uneventful lifestyle, the first the crew has had since before entering the Finnean Convergence Zone.

On March 21, the Black Hawk detects a binary star system that wasn't on the already bare star charts. Commander Walsh, acting on suggestions from Lieutenant Commanders Di Pasquale and Djinx, authorizes a probe launch to the system. Its telemetry reveals eleven planets, one of which is M-Class. The Black Hawk warps to the new star system in search of possible locations for pirate havens. The crew soon learn that the M-Class planet features an atmosphere too dense for the sensors to accurately penetrate, but no lifesigns are detected. Captain Geisler authorizes Commander Di Pasquale to take an Away Team to the surface via runabout to investigate further.

Joining Di Pasquale on the Away Team is Lt. Commander Geisler, Lieutenant Fairchild, Ensign Mackie, and a security officer to pilot security drones for long-range observation. As they approach the planet, they quickly learn that the atmosphere's ionization limits sensor range to roughly a full kilometer. One of the first discoveries is the remains of a metropolis, seemingly dead for more than a century. The runabout lands and the Away Team ventures into the city, which is starting to decay due to lack of maintenance and cleaning after several major storms. Several bodies are discovered, though they are decayed beyond recognition and mostly skeletons. Ensign Mackie locates a data core, which he extracts for closer examination.

The Away Team reports the situation back to the Black Hawk. Knowing that he can't take one dead city at face value, much less as the sole status of the planet, Captain Geisler decides to keep the Black Hawk in orbit until a proper investigation can be conducted. Several away teams are then formed, and sent to the surface via shuttlecraft to expand the investigation. Meanwhile, Commander Di Pasquale assembles a security force to secure a base camp where her runabout had initially landed. As she supervises set up, security forces begin to scout the nearby area, including some living quarters. They discover a handwritten diary which logs various states of unrest in the local populace, and then later a large amount of apathy and lethargy by the writer. Commander Geisler, meanwhile, discovers a medical facility filled with vials of strange liquid, hazardous material suits, and strange log entries which indicate some sort of disease outbreak.


Belvedere Beginnings

NOTE: Though the Black Hawk received its Orders on March 3, the ship would not begin its mission until March 15.
Mission Day 1
Mission Day 2
Mission Day 3
Mission Day 4
Mission Day 5
Mission Day 9
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Unexpected Discovery

Mission Day 21
Mission Day 22

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