Cabin Assignments (USS Lexington)

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This listing contains a comprehensive list of all of the assigned and available quarters aboard the USS Lexington.

Senior Officer Cabins

Senior Officer Cabins are located on Deck 6.
  • Room 06|12: Captain M. Collins
  • Room 06|14: Lieutenant T. sh'Ahrazad
  • Room 06|17: Commander R. Mayhew
  • Room 06|20: Lieutenant L. Tayler

Junior Officer Cabins

Junior Officer Cabins are located on Decks 4 and 5.

NCO Quarters

NCO Quarters are located on Deck 7.
  • Room 07|42: Senior Chief A. Morrison

Enlisted Bunks

Enlisted Bunks are located on Decks 4, 5, 7, and 8.

VIP Cabins

VIP Cabins are located on Deck 6.
  • Room 06|03: Kibyr
  • Room 06|06: D. Bishop
  • Room 06|08: S. J'naii