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Season 1




April 2388


4 Days


While investigating the origin of the Golden Stars, the USS Black Hawk is overpowered and overrun by Syndicate boarding parties.


Stripped of her teeth, the Black Hawk ventures into space claimed by the Golden Stars. Four days into the journey, the ship is struck by an energy surge, rendering the vessel powerless and inoperable.

While the crew attempts to orient itself, the ship is boarded by The Syndicate. Captain Geisler is immediately apprehended and secured in a holding cell as the Syndicate quickly contain the ship's crew and take control of the ship. Dozens are killed and injured in the process.

The Syndicate are not successful in rounding up all of the Senior Officers. In fact, the Senior Officers are able to quickly gather on Deck Five and begin hatching a plan to retake the ship. They are soon joined by Captain Geisler who had managed to escape custody. The Senior Staff, accompanied by several junior officers, split into three teams. One team, lead by Captain Geisler, quickly secures Main Engineering where the Syndicate had nearly finished repairing the damage they did to the ship.

Doctor Kij's team retook sickbay while another team retakes the bridge. The Syndicate quickly flee the Black Hawk, leaving the crew to finish repairs and lick their wounds.


SFicon.png denotes posts that are Mission Critical.

Mission Day 1

A New Day 0900 Hours Captain Geisler & Yeoman Carter discuss the status of the ship and lament the reassignment of the Squadron away from the ship.
Inspection 0915 Hours Captain Geisler performs a surprise inspection of Main Engineering. While there, he promotes Hictus Dicon to Lieutenant.
Chance Meeting 0930 Hours Chief Engineer Dicon bumps into the ship's new CMO, Doctor Kij, outside the shuttlebay.
Boarding the USS Black Hawk 0930 Hours The ship's new Science Officer arrives.
Counseling Session 0930 Hours During his inspection of the ship, Captain Geisler finds himself in an impromptu counseling session with Doctor Stuart. During the session, Harvey admits some hallucinations he experienced outside the ship's memorial.
Reporting For Duty 1045 Hours Doctor Kij reports in to the ship's CO, Captain Geisler.
Check Up 1145 Hours Captain Geisler reluctantly reports to sickbay for a checkup. While there, he and Doctor Kij get acquainted.
Tactical Planning 1230 Hours The ship's new Chief Security/Tactical Officer, Lieutenant Eric Moore, reports for duty to Captain Geisler.
SFicon.png Mission Briefing 1450 Hours Captain Geisler gathers the Senior Staff, both incumbent and new arrivals, and outlines a mission which involves exploration and information gathering. Their goal: to locate the elusive Golden Stars.
Arrival 1450 Hours Lt. JG Perei, the ship's Assistant Science Officer, beams aboard the Black Hawk and is immediately injured.
Arrival, Part Two 1455 Hours Lt. JG Perei is treated by the ship's medical staff and cleared for duty.
Extra Details 1530 Hours After the briefing, Captain Geisler and Lieutenant Rogers discuss details regarding the Science Department since the Chief hadn't yet reported in.
First Impressions? 1230 Hours After meeting Lieutenant Rogers, Captain Geisler meets Lieutenant Perei.
Boarding Physical 1600 Hours Lt. Rogers reports to Doctor Kij in sickbay for his physical exam.
Psychological Eval 1700 Hours
Designations and Delegations 1700 Hours Lieutenant Rogers and Lieutenant Perei meet for the first time and discuss particulars of the department's regular operations.
An Evening Meal 2000 Hours Captain Geisler and Commander Kos have dinner in Harvey's quarters. They recount why they joined--and stayed in--Starfleet, and cement their friendship.

Mission Day 4

SFicon.png When The Lights Went Out In The City... 0800 Hours
SFicon.png Adrift 0800 Hours
Paranoia 0830 Hours
SFicon.png Cover Of Darkness 0815 Hours
Hide and Seek 0930 Hours
SFicon.png Takeover 0900 Hours
SFicon.png Reunited 0930 Hours
SFicon.png Retaking Sickbay 1000 Hours
SFicon.png Retaking Engineering 1000 Hours
SFicon.png Securing The Bridge 1000 Hours

OOC Information

Mission 3 began on December 31, 2014 and finished on May 16, 2015. During that time, 28 posts were published.

External Information

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