Deck Listing (USS Lexington)

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The USS Lexington has 22 decks.

For the ship's technical specifications, click HERE.

Deck 1: Upper Dome

  • Dorsal Sensor Suite, Sensor Maintenance

Deck 2: Command

  • Main Bridge, Ready Room, Conference Room, Communications Control, Subspace Radio Transceiver

Deck 3: Maintenance

  • Computer Primary Access, Combat Information Center, Weapons Locker, Environmental Suit Locker
  • Utility: Repair Drone Maintenance/Storage Bay, Damage Control Lockers, Life Support

Deck 4: Support

  • Transporter Rooms 1-2, Dorsal Phaser Emitters (3), Computer Core
  • Living: Junior Officer Cabins, Enlisted Bunks
  • Utility: Battery Room, Materials Storage, SIF Generator, Shield Generator

Deck 5: Living

  • Mess Hall, Crew Lounge 1 & 2, Organic Synthesis, Inorganic Synthesis, Impulse Engine Machine Bay (Upper)
  • Living: Junior Officer Cabins, Enlisted Bunks
  • Utility: Computer Core, Materials Storage, Umbilicals, IDF Generators
  • Evacuation: Escape Pods

Deck 6: Science & Engineering

  • Impulse Engine Machine Bay (Lower), Science Labs 1-4, Officer’s Club, Amenities, Navigational Sensors, RCS Thrusters
  • Living: Officer Quarters, VIP Cabins
  • Utility: Computer Core, Damage Control Lockers
  • Evacuation: Rear Airlock

Deck 7: Operations & Medical

  • Office Complex, Briefing Rooms, Auxiliary Control, Transporter Room 3-4, Sickbay, Science Labs 5-8, Courtroom / Multipurpose Room, Amenities
  • Living: Enlisted Bunks, NCO Bunks
  • Utility: Computer Core (lowest level)

Deck 8: Security

  • Ventral Phaser Control, Ventral Phaser Emitters (3), Security Complex, Science Labs 9-12
  • Living: Enlisted Bunks
  • Utility: Shield Generator, Transporter Buffers, Life Support Compartment
  • Evacuation: Saucer Clamps

Deck 9: Operations


  • Laundry Facilities, Auxiliary Fusion Generators 1-2, Torpedo & Probe Storage, Tractor Beam Generator
  • Utility: Damage Control Lockers, Umbilicals, Materials Storage


  • Docking Control
  • Utility: Damage Control Lockers
  • Evacuation: Airlock

Deck 10: Tactical


  • 2x Torpedo Launchers, Tractor Beam
  • Utility: IDF Generator, SIF Generator


  • Crew Lounge
  • Utility: SIF Generator, Materials Storage

Deck 11: Operations


  • Ventral Sensor Dome, Sensor Maintenance


  • Crew Lounges, Amenities

Deck 12: Security & Egress

  • Security Checkpoints, Weapons Locker
  • Evacuation: Airlock

Deck 13: Engineering

  • Turbolift Control
  • Utility: Damage Control Lockers, IDF Generator, Deuterium Storage Tankage

Deck 14: Engineering

  • Utility: Deuterium Storage Tanks, Warp Drive Coolant, Umbilicals

Deck 15: Engineering

  • Main Engineering (Upper Level), Deuterium Processing, Aft Phaser Banks, Shuttle Control
  • Utility: Matter Injectors, SIF Generator, Life Support

Deck 16: Engineering

  • Main Engineering (Main Level), Chief Engineer’s Office, Shuttlebay (Upper Level), Diagnostic Workshop, Engineering Workshops, Emergency Transporters (4)
  • Living:
  • Utility: M/ARA Reaction Chamber, Secondary Computer Core (Upper Level), Shield Generators, Cargo Turbolift
  • Evacuation:

Deck 17: Shuttlebay

  • Shuttlebay (Main Level), Engineering Workshops, Briefing Rooms, Auxiliary Power Generators (3)
  • Living:
  • Utility: Inorganic Synthesis, Sensor Bays, Raw Materials Storage
  • Evacuation: Docking Ports, Escape Pods

Deck 18: Cargo

  • Shuttle Storage & Maintenance, Cargo Bay - Upper Catwalk, Deflector Control, Torpedo/Probe Magazine, Aft Torpedo Launcher
  • Utility: Sensor Bays
  • Evacuation: Escape Pods

Deck 19: Cargo

  • Cargo Bay - Main Level, Cargo Transporter, Quartermaster
  • Utility: Deflector Machine Room, Workbee Storage

Deck 20: Operations

  • Emergency Transporter (2), Cargo Transporter, Amenities
  • Utility: Cargo Umbilicals, Transporter Buffer
  • Evacuation: Antimatter Processor, Antimatter Storage, Life Support

Deck 21: Amenities

  • Arboretum, Amenities, Diplomatic Lounge

Deck 22: Operations

  • Subspace Transceiver
  • Utility: Umbilicals, Sensor Bays