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Evacuation Capacity:


Speed & Armaments
Cruising Speed:

3,000 m/s

Maximum Speed:

4,000 m/s



Unique Features



The Work Bee is a capable stand-alone craft used for inspection of spaceborne hardware, repairs, assembly, and other activates requiring remote manipulators. The fully pressurized craft has changed little in design during the past 150 years, although periodic updates to the internal systems are done routinely. Onboard fuel cells and microfusion generators can keep the craft operational for 76.4 hours, and the life-support systems can provide breathable air, drinking water and cooling for the pilot for as long as fifteen hours. If the pilot is wearing a pressure suit or SEWG, the craft allows for the operator to exit while conducting operations. Entrance and exit is provided by the forward window, which lifts vertically to allow the pilot to come and go.

A pair of robotic manipulator arms is folded beneath the main housing, and allows for work to be done through pilot-operated controls. In addition, the Work Bee is capable of handling a cargo attachment that makes it ideal for transferring cargo around large Starbase and spaceborne construction facilities. The cargo attachment features additional microfusion engines for supporting the increased mass.


  • Type: Utility craft.
  • Accommodation: One operator.
  • Power Plant: One microfusion reactor, four RCS thrusters.
  • Dimensions: Length, 4.11 m; beam, 1.92 m; height 1.90 m.
  • Mass: 1.68 metric tones.
  • Performance: Maximum delta-v, 4,000 m/sec.
  • Armament: None


Information adapted from A Call to Duty

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