Rude Awakening (Mission)

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Season 2




June 1, 2388


1 Week


With the Mystery of the Golden Stars solved and its members safely relocated, the Black Hawk arrives at Deep Space 11 for repairs. The crew are allowed time to relax as repairs are affected, yet several crew members begin to report unusual, though minor, activity. Through no fault of their own, the crew of the Black Hawk suddenly discover that nothing is as it seems...


With the mystery of the Golden Stars behind them, and several major repairs rendered to the USS Black Hawk, the crew happily partakes in the many pleasures Deep Space 11 has to offer. Looming over everyone's heads is the Consortium uprising, an event just a week prior to the Black Hawk's arrival, where Consortium leadership was purged from Deep Space 11 and the Task Force at large. Among the conspirators is Vice Admiral Vadosia Adislo, who is still unaccounted for.

Captain Geisler receives orders from the new Task Force Commanding Officer, Commodore Juliana Terlexa, to intercept the USS O'Carroll who is raiding supply convoys to the planet Gavara. The O'Carroll is commanded by none other than Harvey's old roommate Commodore Zachary O'Connell whom Harvey has nothing but disdain for. The Black Hawk takes on new personnel including a new Chief of Security, Lt. Commander Roget del Rosario, a Chief of Operations, Lieutenant Temerant Bast, and the 325th Fighter Squadron before warping to the Gavaran Sector.

Upon arrival, the Black Hawk quickly lays a trap, using a new convoy as bait. As expected, the O'Carroll arrives and engages the convoy. The Black Hawk and the 325th attempt to intervene, but the Black Hawk suddenly loses power. It is quickly restored, and Harvey is able to claim the O'Carroll's surrender. He quickly incarcerates the O'Carroll's senior staff and is shocked to find that Commodore O'Connell is nowhere to be found. Instead, his wife, Jillian O'Connell, was in command.

Through interrogations and interviews, Harvey soon discovers that everything is not as it seems. Commander Kos, the ship's first officer, is branded as a saboteur and placed in the brig. Commander O'Connell insists she's not Consortium, and that Terlexa is instead. Harvey then orders an inspection of the cargo aboard the convoy.

Lieutenant Bast beams over to the convoy prematurely and works quickly to hide the arms hidden in medical crates. The convoy was a cover, stockpiling munitions on Gavara for an assault on Starbase Unity where the true Starfleet is holed up. Lieutenant Bast is apprehended by the crew of the Black Hawk and incarcerated.

Captain Geisler immediately calls it in, only to be ordered by Terlexa to finish the convoy mission and to deliver the O'Carroll to Deep Space 11. Harvey deliberates and openly tells Commander del Rosario, the Acting Executive Officer, that he has no intention of following those orders. Roget stuns the Captain with a phaser and proceeds to follow the Commodore's orders. Fortunately, he is unable to do so as enough of the Black Hawk's crew is able to piece together enough facts to prove that a veil was over their eyes. Roget surrenders and order is restored.

With their new allies, the Black Hawk, the O'Carroll, and the confiscated convoy set course for Starbase Unity.


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OOC Information

Mission 6: Rude Awakening began on September 4, 2015, and was completed on February 16, 2016. During that time, 83 posts were published.


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