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Gamma Command’s Opaka Center is named for the Bajoran Kai who first ventured into the Celestial Temple and opened exploration to the Gamma Quadrant. The Opaka Center is where all of the starbase’s features come together. Among its features are a large Promenade with a shopping mall, food court, and concert halls; the stations’s many scientific facilities, a large medical complex located at the base of Tower One, the Security Complex, as well as training centers for many of the quadrant’s enlisted personnel, including Officer Candidate School, Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development, and Basic Training facilities, as well as a satellite campus for Starfleet Academy’s Bajor Campus. The Dominion also maintains an embassy here, along with a dedicated shuttlebay.

Notable Locations

Civilian & Recreation

  • The Bleeding Starship: Eatery featuring multiple dishes and meats from all four quadrants, including an unusual blue meat.

Continuing Education

Levels 4-6, sections 20-24 - Starfleet Academy Annex
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