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Gamma Quadrant Operations, Admiral Zachary O'Connell commanding, is headquartered at Gamma Command’s Tower Three.


In addition to administrative functions, HQ features the following department heads:

Each department head features a dedicated staff, deputy, and office/facility space.

Task Groups

Attached to HQ are four Task Groups:

  • Belvedere: “western” patrol and rapid response
  • Archimedes: scientific study and exploration
  • Sonzwaphi: humanitarian efforts (based out of Starbase Unity)
  • Sentinel: “eastern” patrol and rapid response

Each Task Group features 10-16 vessels, depending on the nature and structure of orders and responsibilities. It is expected that these size of these Task Groups will double in size by the end of the century.

Four vessels are attached directly to HQ to support the additional teams:

IMPORTANT ERRATA Starbase InformationNew BajorDeck ListingCrew RosterDepartmentsCabin Assignments
ATTACHED SUPPORT CRAFT Fighters: 48x Gryphon
Other: 100x Workbee