Gamma Command

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Gamma Command
Class Information
Assigned System:

New Bajor





Unique Features

Gamma Command is the headquarters for all Starfleet operations in the Gamma Quadrant. Construction of the station began in March 2387 and has not yet been completed. At present, the station is approximately 70 percent complete with only the administrative, repair, refueling, and most civilian sections finished. The estimated completion is scheduled for mid-2391.


Repair and Service

At the core of the station is the repair and service facilities. The first portion of this resides with two internal docks. The upper dock is capable of holding up to four large vessels the size of Nebula, Galaxy, or Century class vessels, or roughly sixteen cruisers, frigates, and escorts such as Intrepid, Centaur, Excelsior, or Diligent. The lower dock can hold up to two large vessels, or eight cruisers, frigates, and escorts. The upper dock is generally reserved for servicing ships in the attached task groups, whereas the lower dock is reserved to house support vessels for the STAT, SAR, and perimeter defense teams.

Within each inner dock are ten manufacturing and machine bays, which allow for easy access for minor hull repairs or cargo transports. Umbilical access is available at each docking port for refueling. The interior dock sports four personnel towers that are offset by the exterior doors. With these towers out of the way, a starship can enter through one door, fly straight through the station, and exit the other side. Each dock has a dedicated crew lounge, as well as a dedicated transporter and secure egress portals. Between the upper and lower docks are massive cargo bays which hold raw materials for starship construction, resupply, and repair.

Supporting the interior facilities is a external service yard which is kept just out of transporter range. This yard is supported by a small command station build into Cage One, and features eight total drydock cages. Though a staging area is available for larger repairs, most supplies and materials are manufactured at the starbase and shuttled over via transport vessels.

Engineering Sections

Located at the bottom of the starbase is the station’s power generation systems. Ten fusion reactors power the entire installation, and the four largest ones are located in the lower structure. Four of the six smaller generators are stationed at the end of each of the habitat ring arms, and two others are located just underneath the upper command facilities.

The lower power module also features six antimatter generators for starship refueling, as well as additional machine and manufacturing bays. Massive deuterium storage tanks are located here as well.

Habitat Ring

The outer habitat ring features many of the station’s personnel facilities, including shuttlebays, runabout landing pads, and residential apartments. Divided into quarters, each of these portions of the habitat ring provide a local infirmary to handle minor injuries, scientific research facilities for agricultural and life sciences research, as well as many recreational facilities such as gymnasiums, dojos, religious centers, eateries, and holosuites.

Each quarter of the ring is defended by multiple phaser arrays and point-defense turrets, a handful of security sentry posts and armories, and multi-layered shield generators. Each of the arms also feature several torpedo launchers, and a shuttlebay.

Arm Three, dubbed Arm Gamma, is dedicated to station operations, specifically for the starfighter wing.

The Towers

Located above the top of the inner dock are five towers, each with a dedicated purpose. The outer towers are numbered 1-4, with the central, and largest, tower numbered 5.

The first tower is known as the Bashir Medical Center, a massive medical complex that can handle a large-scale medical crisis.

The second tower is home to the station’s Repair and Service command center. From here, the team has visual access to the external docks and can coordinate all efforts.

Tower three, dubbed Gamma Headquarters, or Gamma HQ, is dedicated to Admiral O’Connell’s command facilities and quadrant operations. Like Tower Four, its access to the remainder of the starbase is limited, though there is direct access between HQ and the Command Tower.

The fourth tower is dedicated for civilian operations within the starbase, ranging from promenade to residential management. Access to this tower to the remainder of the starbase is restricted to authorized personnel only.

The central tower is known as the Command Tower. This structure houses the Operations center for Gamma Command, as well as the starbase’s administrative and operations staff. The station’s starfighter wing also holds their command center and administration facilities in this tower.

The Opaka Center

Below all five towers is Gamma Command’s Opaka Center, named for the Bajoran Kai who first ventured into the Celestial Temple and opened exploration to the Gamma Quadrant. The Opaka Center is where all of the starbase’s features come together. Among its features are a large Promenade with a shopping mall, food court, and concert halls; the stations’s many scientific facilities, a large medical complex located at the base of Tower One, the Security Complex, as well as training centers for many of the quadrant’s enlisted personnel, including Officer Candidate School, Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development, and Basic Training facilities, as well as a satellite campus for Starfleet Academy’s Bajor Campus. The Dominion also maintains an embassy here, along with a dedicated shuttlebay.

Perimeter Defense

Attached to the starbase are six starships:

These starships are dedicated solely to defending Gamma Command and New Bajor, and are not considered to be assets by Headquarters. These rapid response vessels maintain a routine perimeter in the Ha’dara system. Supporting these starships are a variety of communication/sensor buoys. Each buoy maintains a continuous feed with Gamma Command to act as an early warning system in the event of an invasion.

Three other vessels are attached to the starbase to support Gamma Command’s operational teams, specifically for service and material transport to and from the dockyards.


Basic Information
  • Dedicated Starbase Crew: 4,350
  • Ancillary Personnel: 1,000
  • Civilians: 700
Class Information
  • Registration: SB-475
  • Dimensions:
    • 3500 meters (L)
    • 3500 meters (W)
    • 1740 meters (H)
  • Decks: 340
  • Expected Duration: 200 years
  • Expected Refit Cycle: 30 years
Defensive Systems
Energy Weapons
  • 60x Type-XII Phaser Arrays
  • 60x Type-XIV Point-Defense Turrets
Projectile Weapons
  • Launchers: 25x
  • Payload:
    • 2,500 Quantum Torpedoes
    • 2,500 Photon Torpedoes
    • 25 Tri-Cobalt Devices
  • Multi-Layered Shielding System (MLSS)
Engineering Systems
Power Generation
  • Primary Power: 10x Fusion Reactors
  • Seconary Power: 3x Fusion Reactors
  • Antimatter Generators: 6x
  • Deuterium Tanks: 8x
  • Torpedo and Probe Manufacturing Bays: 12x
  • Machine Shops: 20x
Operational Functions
  • Hull: Duranium/Tritanium Double Hull
  • Armor: Ablative (Towers and key stress points only)
  • Transporters:
    • 32x Personnel (8-person pads)
    • 12x Evacuation (30-person pads)
  • Sensor Range: 40 lightyears
  • Communication Range: 45 lightyears