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Season 1




January 7, 2388


1 day


The Black Hawk's first assignment is to complete a scheduled extraction of a scientific expedition in the Altair system deep in the Gamma Quadrant. Altair Prime was believed to be the home of a long extinct civilization. Upon arrival, the crew is stunned to find the archeologists' base completely vacant and pillaged.


The USS Black Hawk, departing for her first mission under the command of Commander Harvey Geisler, sets out to the mysterious Altair system to retrieve a scientific expedition.

Upon arrival, the USS Black Hawk is unable to establish contact with the expedition. Magnetic interference is detected in high quantities, preventing any sort of transporter activity up and down. Two runabouts are dispatched to the planet surface. As the Away Team investigates, one of the labs is discovered to have been pillaged and booby-trapped. A security officer is nearly lost in the process.

Once the lab is secured, the Away Team begins to look for clues while the base is dismantled. Crewman Anderson, an engineer, disappears without warning with unknown causes.

Lieutenant Commander Beh'ruken arrives on the scene, relieving the current XO, and the investigation grows, but not before another crewman mysteriously disappears.

In orbit, a Combat Air Patrol (CAP) detects alien activity and discovers a pirate ship attempting to recover a dying Federation shuttlecraft. The Black Hawk moves to intercept and waves off the pirates. The shuttlecraft is recovered, and on board is the last surviving member of the Research Team. She reports that the rest of the Research Team had been abducted, just like the Black Hawk's crewmen were. She also reported that just a few days prior to the Black Hawk's arrival, the research team had just uncovered an underground facility. That was also when the abductions started.

Underground City discovered under Altair's surface

Commander Geisler redirects the Away Team to search beneath the surface of the planet to find the Away Team.

While still in orbit, further examination of a nearby asteroid field reveal that it is actually a massive weapon with enough firepower to destroy a planet -- and it is still active.

Not long after the Away Team goes underground, two more members are abducted. It's not long before the Away Team discovers the cause and the location of the abducted. Those who were abducted had their consciousnesses uploaded into a targeting system for the weapon. Once twelve minds are loaded, a star system will be selected and the weapon will be launched. At this point, between pirates, the research team, and Black Hawk crewmen, ten people have been abducted.

Working quickly before two more crew members can be abducted and merged into the machine, the crew find a way to disable the weapon in space, as well as rescue everyone alive. Unfortunately, the weapon and the installation are both destroyed in the process, though it means no one can harness the weapon to cause devastating damage throughout the galaxy.


Mission Day 1

Mission Day 6

Mission Day 9

OOC Information

Mission 1 began on January 6, 2014 and ended on April 23, 2014. During that time, 26 posts were completed.

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