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[[Season 1 ({{{sim}}})|Season 1]]




April 2388


1 Week


Able to again move under her own power, the Black Hawk limps further into Golden Stars' territory. Arriving at a desolate world, the crew discovers shocking secrets about not just about the quality of life, but something that will shake the entire sector to its very core.


Commander Kos leads an Away Team to Nestene IX, only to be immediately apprehended, along with a local, by The Syndicate. The local captured with them was Alice Carter, mother of Emily Carter, the traitor aboard the Black Hawk. Alice was instrumental in helping the Away Team escape and aided them in overpowering the Syndicate Command Center.

Meanwhile, the Black Hawk is joined by D'rimo and the X'annon who helped make repairs to the Black Hawk. The Black Hawk then followed the X'annon to Nestene IX and retrieved the Away Team along with the rest of the Golden Stars.

OOC Information

Mission 5 began on May 31, 2015 and concluded on September 4, 2015. A total of 17 posts were published during this mission. This mission completed Season 1.

External Information

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