Waving The Flag (Mission)

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Waving the Flag

Season 1




July 2280


Repaired, refitted, and restaffed, the USS Lexington is dispatched not to the border, but to former Federation worlds hoping to rekindle the fire. Some are enthusiastic, while others, want nothing to do with humanity. Can the crew of the Lexington overcome these odds to drum up enough support to mount a new offensive in the Beta Quadrant?



The Lexington warps back to M-11 at a sluggish Warp Four, roughly half its maximum speed. En route, Captain Marty Collins begins to assemble his Senior Staff from among the insertion team he'd brought with him. Roscoe Mayhew agrees to stay as Chief of Security as long as the ship is indeed used for why it was sought. Harlow Harcrow happily accepts the job as Chief Helmsman, finding the opportunity more joyous than piloting shuttles here and there. Alanna Morrison agrees to stay as Chief of the Boat to remain close to her uncle. Kibyr gets acquainted with the ship and a future working with Starfleet. Others like Daniel Bishop and Morgan Ryan decide to move on from the Lexington, neither of them seeing much of a future for the damaged vessel.

Days later, after the Lexington is put into drydock for repairs, Captain Collins stays aboard the mighty starship to stay involved with the repairs. He climbs through the ship's every nook and cranny to learn as much about the Lexington has he can. Just a few days into the repair process, the Lexington is visited by three members of Starfleet's Command Chiefs, including Rear Admiral Hospers, Chief of Operations; Vice Admiral Chipheni, Chief of Security; Admiral Jocelyn Bachelet, the Commander in Chief; and Captain Hugo Aamaya, the Commanding Officer of the USS Callisto. It is announced to Collins that Aamaya will be taking over the Lexington and that Marty will be reassigned. Collins adamantly refuses, citing several controversial and compromising decisions that Aamaya had made during his entrenchment in the Triangle. Marty goes so far to claim that the Captain is corrupt, and that as such, Starfleet's new ship should be left free from corruption. Aamaya tries to punch Collins, forcing Bachelet to step in before the men resort entirely to fisticuffs. Bachelet orders Aamaya to return to the Callisto and to the Triangle. Aamaya elects instead to resign, having lost confidence in the Command Chiefs. Hospers and Chipheni leave with Aamaya, and Bachelet informs Collins that this had all been a test. Not only did she need to see where Aamaya's loyalties lie, but she also needed to see that Marty had rekindled his fire to make it back to Earth.

Collins continues to stay with the Lexington, leaving only to recruit more crew members, including a Chief Medical Officer, Syrial J'naii from the Interspecies Medical Exchange, and a new Chief Engineer in Lieutenant Lynn Tayler. By early July, the Lexington is mostly restored to working order.


At the start of July, the Lexington is relaunched, albeit commandeered by Admiral Bachelet. The Lexington begins a tour of former Confederation worlds, starting with the ones the Admiral deems most essential to the continued survival of the Confederation, and by extension Starfleet. The first two worlds, the Grazerites and the Tellarites, were not receptive of the Lexington and its delegation and declined the opportunity to return. The ship then visited the Efrosians, who gladly entertained the Lexington, but ultimately chose to remain independent.

The Admiral selects the Zaldans to be the next world to visit, and Captain Collins reluctantly agrees to the destination. By now, the crew of the Lexington had grown weary of waving the flag and receiving no tangible return for their month-long effort. Several, including Commander Mayhew, express their displeasure at the situation and demand that the Captain oppose the Admiral. Before the debate can continue, the Lexington intercepts a distress call from an Andorian convoy. Marty diverts the starship, without approval, to answer the call. The ship arrives to find the convoy and its escorts under attack by three Klingon birds of prey. Collins instructs the bridge crew to join the fight, quickly disabling one Klingon ship and destroying another. The third bird of prey retreats, but not before destroying its crippled, and dishonored, wingman. Of the Andorians, a damaged freighter and only one member of its escort team remain, prompting Collins to offer assistance to the struggling Andorian escort.

Engineering and Medical details are transported aboard the Andorian escort to provide assistance. The situation appeared to be dire with half of the escort's decks uninhabitable, and radiation leaking from the engines.

Meanwhile, the crew of the Lexington scan the twisted wreckage from the Klingon ships. Kibyr detects an intact computer core. Hoping to gain any sort of information, Captain Collins orders him to lead a team to extract the core from the wreckage. Kibyr enlists Lieutenant Harcrow and Chief Petty Officer Cooper to join him on the mission. Together, the trio work quickly to free the computer core, but before the team can return, Kibyr and Cooper are abducted by a pair of Klingons outfitted with stealth technology. Both abductees are soon tortured for information.




July 20, 2280

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