USS Cochrane

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USS Cochrane
Class Information
Assigned System:

Gavaran Sector

Task Group:

TG3: Belvedere




Kylar Furell




The USS Cochrane, under the command of Kylar Furell was assigned to Task Group Belvedere operating in the Gamma Quadrant as a part of Task Force 9. In May of 2388, the Cochrane came to be under Consortium control.

In August 2388, the Cochrane, along with the USS Chimera were tasked to enter the Hadyn Nebula to confirm rumors that a Romulan Valdore equipped with an experimental Thalaron weapon had been abandoned within. If the weapon was real and could be secured, then the Consortium would be able to eliminate Starfleet forces quite easily without engaging their own vessels. The Chimera was able to confirm this rumor.

The Chimera and Cochrane then encountered the USS Black Hawk and attempted to destroy her, but the Akira-class vessel managed to overpower both ships and reveal to their crews the true nature of the Consortium. With the Chimera repatriated to Starfleet, the three vessels confronted the Valdore. The Black Hawk used a tri cobalt torpedo to destroy the Valdore, but the destruction tore a hole in the space-time continuum. All three Starfleet vessels were sucked inside the rift.

The Chimera's crew was divided among the Cochrane and the Black Hawk, and the Black Hawk's Executive Officer, Commander Thiago Teixeira took temporary command of the starship. Upon leaving the nebula, the Cochrane was disabled and captured by The Confederation. The crew soon learned that they were in an alternate universe, one where the Bajoran wormhole had never been discovered. The crew were eventually able to escape, reunite with the Black Hawk and return to their native universe.

Commander Teixeira returned to the Black Hawk shortly before the Battle of Deep Space 11. The Cochrane was one of the few to survive the battle intact, and it was also able to help rescue several hundred of the Black Hawk's crew as the ship plummeted to the surface of New Bajor.

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