The Syndicate

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The Syndicate
Basic Information
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Political Information
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Criminal Organization




The Syndicate was a criminal organization that held a market on a small corner of the Gamma Quadrant.

Feud with the Golden Stars

In the late-2370s, the Syndicate held their first encounter with an organization calling themselves the Golden Stars while attempting to expand their clientele. Unfortunately, the Golden Stars managed to outfox the Syndicate at every turn. Since traditional tactics had failed, the Syndicate began to infiltrate the organization and slowly worked their way up to the top until they finally reached the Stars' leadership, a group of humans who had been swept to the Gamma Quadrant a couple hundred years prior.

The Syndicate began to dismantle the Golden Stars from within, enslaving or imprisoning many who worked with the organization. Elements of the Syndicate then began to pose as members of the Golden Stars simply to discredit their name and allow for the Syndicate to easily expand. In 2388, the Syndicate (still posing as the Golden Stars), enlisted the aid of Petty Officer Emily Carter, who was the daughter of Richard Carter, leader of the Golden Stars, in an attempt to take over the USS Black Hawk. The attempt failed, forcing the Syndicate to flee.

Later that month, the Syndicate encountered the Black Hawk again, only to lose again. The Black Hawk retrieved the surviving leadership and members of the Golden Stars from Nestene IX and resettled them on a different world. The Syndicate, however, won the feud with the Golden Stars as the organization's reputation had been fully ruined.

Known Associates

  • Rl'tano, leader
  • Kt'rot, a Paradan who led the attempt to capture the USS Black Hawk
  • Emily Carter, a human who was enslaved by the Syndicate