The Finnean Crisis (Mission)

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The Finnean Crisis

Season 3




November 5, 2388


2 days


The crew of the USS Black Hawk, after some well deserved rest, has been called back into service, given a new ship, and sent into the great unknown to find the source of a mystery that could spell certain doom for the Gamma Quadrant, and even the Federation itself...


It is now November 2388, a little more than three months since the Federation ended the Consortium coup. The USS Vasco da Gama, a Nova-Class Starfleet vessel patrolling the mouth of the Finnean Convergence Zone, comes across a 100-year old Class Nine Probe. Their engineers quickly uncover the first page of a great mystery, a garbled message stating that a great danger is about to eclipse the Federation. The recording lasts for minutes, but most of the information had been lost due to years of aged equipment and hardware.

Normally, such a discovery would be inventoried and carefully studied. However, the crew of the Black Hawk is summoned back to active service to discover the origin of the probe, determine if the Federation is actually in danger, and find out why the message was sent by Harvey Geisler himself.

Unfortunately, only the message made it to Captain Geisler and his crew. The probe, the Vasco da Gama, and Deep Space 15 were captured by a race known as the Selubassari. The Black Hawk’s first mission is to restore the balance of power in the Finnean System, reclaim the starbase, and recover the probe.

Upon arrival, the Black Hawk is confronted by a Rakhari blockade. Dosi and Ferengi starships arrive moments later, resulting in a massive standoff. Captain Geisler manages to arrange a meeting between himself and the Rakhari and Selubassari leaders aboard Deep Space 15. Negotiations were tense, but the Rakhari agree to let the Federation have access to the system, and the Selubassari return Deep Space 15 to Federation control.

The da Gama, docked at the space station, is devoid of crew. To make matters worse, the probe is missing. In its place is a deceased Ensign. His blood was smeared into alien writing on the wall, but the translators could not decipher it.

Aboard the station, the Starfleet personnel, all confined to quarters, are treated by the Black Hawk’s crew and slowly returned to duty. It is eventually noticed by Doctor Kij that there are no engineers or security personnel among the captured. In fact, anyone wearing a yellow collar was missing. Commander Teixeira discovers what remained of the command crew in the station’s brig and arranges for their release. Among the crew are Lieutenant Charles Carmichael, a former member of the Black Hawk’s crew now assigned to the Vasco da Gama, and Commander Stryk, the da Gaza’s CO.

The Black Hawk’s search turns to the planet, where an Away Team is dispatched. Most of the population in two different steadings had been placed into forced labor camps, along with the missing Starfleet personnel. These labor camps have one purpose: to dig and dig, hoping to find something to connect what happened to Finnea to the message from the probe. Commander Teixeira manages to only have the Starfleet personnel released as the Selubassari refuse to budge concerning the Finneans.

Furious at their treatment, the Finneans finally revolt and overthrow their oppressors. Using any ship they can, they make their way to Deep Space 15. The Selubassari immediately retake Deep Space 15 and prepare to open fire on the Finnean fleet. As the ships are mainly light craft and freighters, Captain Geisler estimates that this will be a battle where the Finneans will surely lose. He orders the Black Hawk, with her shields down, to stand in between the Finnean fleet and the Starbase. With the help of Lieutenant Corwin, the Black Hawk convinces the Finneans to stand down. Harvey then restores the shields, and attacks Deep Space 15, disarming it quickly, and restores Federation control.

The Selubassari and Finnean leaders then beam aboard the Black Hawk. Harvey turns the Selubassari leader over to the Finneans. In return, the Finneans give to Harvey his ultimate objective, a certain probe acquired from a Selubassari installation.



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Mission 12 began on April 22, 2017 and ended on October 14, 2017. 146 posts were published.

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