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Gamma Command's Security Complex is located on levels four through eight of the Opaka Center. At the heart of the Complex is the Security Operations Center, the main entrance of which is located on level four.

Room Layout

Lower Level (Level 5)

Monitor Wall for monitoring of critical areas on the station - Engineering, Main Computer, Command and others.

Central Floor
  • Left Side: Brig Monitoring Station
  • Center: Security Threat Analysis
  • Right: External Monitoring Station for Long and Short Range Sensor sweeps and Analysis and monitor wall.

Upper Level (Level 4)

Senior Briefing Room
Located in the top bottom left, this private Briefing Room is reserved for Security Chief/Assistant Chief and Command
Security Chief/Assistant Chief/Officer On Duty Office (Crow's Nest)
Located in the Center of the SOC. Office for the Security Chief or other authorized personnel which collates all the data brought in by Security and summarized for the Chief/Assistant Chief of Security.
Break Room
Located in the top right left, this break room is reserved for on-duty security personnel and is equipped with a replicator.
Located in the top back left, this facility provides temporary relief and refreshment for security personnel as they enter or exit duty. Though not shown, a locker room is attached.
Weapons Locker
Connected to both the locker room and general security access is the weapons locker, located in the top center back. This mini-armory is capable of supplying all officers on duty, as well as the ability for security forces to mobilize to secure and defend the Opaka Center.
Assistant Security Chief Office
Located top center right.
Interrogation Room
Located top center far right, this facility is attached to a temporary holding area. The brig itself is located deeper within the security complex.

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