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Located on Deck Twelve, the Black Hawk's Security Complex is adequately stocked and designed to prepare and equip the ship's security compliment.

Complex Features

Main Complex


At its core is an office used by Security personnel to monitor basic crew safety (whether on-board or on an away team), control access to certain areas or systems, observe passengers and persons-of-interest, and serve as a base of operations. Added to this is the ships' Armory and Brig, each of which is manned and secured at all times. All are designed to allow Security to control movement to and from these areas. Hatches in these areas are also made of reinforced duranuim, and are backed up by containment fields.

While the Security Complex does not possess a dedicated computer, it has the ability to safeguard and lock the main and backup cores in the event of a security breach. Likewise, all power and utility trunking are secured against tampering.

Attached to this main complex is an administrative suite featuring four offices, one for the Chief Security/Tactical Officer, Assistant Chief, and two multipurpose offices for processing and other security use.

Chief Security Officer's Office

See Chief Security Officer's Office

The office of the Chief of Security is attached to the Security Complex.


See Brig

A ship's brig is a jail or prison used to house individuals that pose a security threat to the vessel or her crew. These individuals may comprise prisoners of war, criminals, or crewmembers serving or are awaiting to serve punishment.

Isolation Cells

See Isolation Cell

The Black Hawk features two isolation cells, ideally suited for troublesome or high-profile prisoners.

Interrogation Rooms

The usual layout of the room features a circular raised riser with a single chair were the accused would be questioned. Interrogators would sit at one of two semi-circular desks placed at the base of the riser, while the accused's adivsors/counselors would sit at the other. Behind the desks, several rows of chairs could be arranged for observers if a hearing was open to the public. Several viewscreens ringed the walls to allow evidence to be displayed for all to see.

Briefing Room

ValkyriePilots BriefingRoom.jpg

The Security Complex features a two briefing rooms. While they can each contain up to fifty individuals, there are terminals and seating reserved for twenty persons.

Locker Room


Three locker rooms are available to the Security Compliment, one for Alpha, Beta and Gamma shifts. Delta shift officers generally share a shift with one of the other three.

Training Facilities

Two small holosuites are available for training purposes. Should a larger compliment need training at a time, use of the primary holodecks is permissable.


See also Armory
See also Weapons Locker

The Armory is the main storage and distribution area of weapons on a vessel or station. It is the second most-heavily guarded room onboard any Starfleet vessel or station as access to weapons must be monitored at all time.

Phaser Range

See also Phaser Range

The Phaser Range is a place aboard a ship or station where personnel can practice firing their phasers and learn combat tactics utilizing personal defense weapons. Usually a range incorporates a large room that can be easily modified and reconfigured for practice. The area is also protected by double-thick walls and bulkheads, then enclosed by an energy-dampening forcefield for safety reasons.


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