Season 3 (USS Black Hawk)

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Season 3 of the USS Black Hawk focuses on the mysteries around the Finnean Convergence Zone. It began on March 24, 2017 and was concluded on November 29, 2019.


Mission11header.png Shore Leave (Mission)
The crew of the Black Hawk is placed on leave while Starfleet reallocates resources to address the dozens of ships they lost during the Consortium Conflict.
Mission12header.png The Finnean Crisis (Mission)
The crew of the USS Black Hawk, after some well deserved rest, has been called back into service, given a new ship, and sent into the great unknown to find the source of a mystery that could spell certain doom for the Gamma Quadrant, and even the Federation itself...
Mission13header.png Crossing Over (Mission)
With the crisis at Finnea Prime averted and the arrival of Starfleet reinforcements to restore order to the planet, the Black Hawk has been released to pick up where the Vasco da Gama left off at the Finnean Convergence Zone.
Mission14header.png The Search Begins (Mission)
Captain Geisler directs the ship to a system with five planets, rather a system with graveyards that were once five planets. The largest surviving chunk features a large domed habitat, with an orbital station, and appears to be a hub for trade and commerce. Deciding that this would be a source of information, an Away Team is dispatched to learn more, while the ship itself studies the system, hoping to find a clue about the great threat that awaits...
Mission15header.png Fractured (Mission)
The Away Teams have returned, and the crew is not much more the wiser. Aside from new communication methods, and a few small clues, the intrepid crew of the USS Black Hawk start attempting to make heads or tails of the new information.

Suddenly, the ship is rocked by a massive wave, disrupting the warp drive and forcing the Black Hawk immediately to sublight speed. Not only does the crew have to get the ship moving again to advance to their destination, they also have to figure out why the ship, and each other, has been divided amongst different temporal zones.

Mission16header.png The Kalisa Conundrum (Mission)
Two months after entering the Finnean Convergence Zone, the Black Hawk arrives in the Kalisa Sector. Like other systems, it is home to destroyed worlds. The only signs of life emanate from a large planetary fragment with a metallic structure extruding from the bottom. Surrounding the world is a tremendous amount of orbital platforms boasting polaron technology. They, and whatever dangers await inside the planetary archive, could be whatever separates the Black Hawk from finding more clues as to why they’re in the Convergence Zone in the first place…
Mission17header.png Truth and Justice (Mission)
Penduli V has long been isolated in the Finnean Convergence Zone. No one has set foot on the planet in centuries, and no one has left it. Kalisa’s defensive grid pales in comparison to Penduli’s, yet it wasn’t designed to keep outsiders away from the planet; it was designed to keep its inhabitants imprisoned. Tales have been spun about the Great Conflict. Those tales have evolved into mysteries, rumors, and legends. But only the truth can be found on Penduli. Will the crew of the USS Black Hawk find the danger their future selves warned them about? Or, will the crew meet a fate worse than death itself: prison of an unimaginable design!?
Mission18header.png Epilogue (Mission)
The Dolmoqour threat has been eliminated, but at great cost. Over 10 percent of the ship’s crew had been lost throughout the mission in the Convergence Zone, and the remainder had been severely traumatized. Starfleet has deactivated the crew for now, allowing them time to rest, seek counseling, and prepare for the next mission.

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