Pursuit (Mission)

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Season 1


Episode 2


February 1, 2388


1 day


Three weeks have passed since the destruction of the Altair Research Base. After delivering the researchers and what could be recovered of their supplies to New Bajor, the USS Black Hawk has been assigned to patrol the fringe of mapped space and to quietly investigate the existence of the mysterious Golden Stars. After receiving supplies and new personnel including replacements for several open Senior Staff positions, the Black Hawk receives and responds to a distress call, the first in a string that drives the crew further down the rabbit hole...


Following the incident in the Altair system, the Black Hawk is given the opportunity to recrew and resupply. As is common between missions, the Black Hawk exchanges several senior officers with the transport ship, including a new first officer, Lt. Commander C. Mackenzie Kos. Just as everyone is settling in, a distress call is detected. Unfortunately, the Black Hawk arrives too late; everyone aboard the freighter is dead and the raiders had already left. As the crew begins to investigate, a Ferengi vessel shows up with salvage rights to the freighter. With no jurisdiction, Commander Geisler is forced to withdraw, only to respond to another sudden distress call.

The Black Hawk arrives to defend a Karemma freighter, identified as the X'annon, shortly before it and its cargo could be destroyed.

After the attackers are repelled, an Away Team boards the freighter to assist with repairs. They are shocked to find a compartment filled with able bodied men and women shaken up by the attack. Believing the freighter to be slave traders, the Away Team brings the men and women aboard the Black Hawk, though none of them are eager to talk. At the urging of Lieutenant JG Noxa, one of the refugees opens up and shares her family history. She reveals that she became indentured to save her family. The other refugees had chosen to do the same.

Commander Geisler confronts the X'annon's captain, a Karemma named D'rimo, with this newly discovered information. D'rimo claims neither guilt or innocence. Instead, Harvey arranges for an Away Team to accompany D'rimo to the Trading Outpost Razmena.


All Events took place on February 1, 2388

OOC Information

Mission 2 began on April 22, 2014 and was completed on August 26, 2014. A total of 28 posts were published during this mission.

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