M-11 system (Alternate)

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M-11 (Starbase 11)



Starfleet (Remnant)


Planet M-11, one of several Federation worlds left abandoned by the collapse of the Federation, was adopted by humanity as a substitute homeworld. It is home to Starbase 11, also known as Remnant Command. M-11 is known most for being the only inhabitable planet within two lightyears of the Talos system.


Prior to the war, the Starbase boasted several repair and maintenance facilities for starships, as well as a planetside installation from which Starfleet conducted daily operations. Approximately 40,000 personnel and civilians occupied the planet at the time with enough housing for 200,000.

That 40,000 quickly rose to 10 million during the Battle of Earth. With the help of nearby member worlds, Starfleet quickly erected temporary housing for the 10 million and more. When the war ended, refugees continued to pour into the system. Starfleet was overwhelmed, especially since the other former member worlds began to cut back on aiding the planet.

By 2264, M-11 now sported more than 50 million humans. Quality of life suffered greatly as the vast majority lived either in high-rise apartment buildings (which sadly were poorly constructed and maintained), or in the slums and ghettos constructed near the planet's natural resources, mines, and factories. Seven years of poverty had all but eliminated two centuries of progress. Vulcan historians argued that the state of humanity had now become worse than prior to the Third World War. Raids, theft, and crime were rampant on the planet. Remnant Command hadn't fared much better than the rest of M-11, but it at least had the ability to defend itself.

In 2270, Governor Abidemi was able to reestablish basic civil rights and started to clean up the slums. This project took nearly a decade to finish, but at least M-11 citizens could now have access to one hot meal a day and a trade to support themselves with. Fifty million lives were difficult to provide for, but it was becoming easier with each passing year and each new farm established. Current estimates project a stable quality of life for the entire population by 2295.

Many worry, however, that it will be far too late.

Quick Facts

  • Population: 50 million, mostly human
  • Leader: Governor Abidemi
  • Governance: Republic
  • Defense: Starfleet, Ground militia
  • Resources (exports): Dilithium, Trianium, precious metals
  • Services: Orbital shipyards, duotronic computer center

Known Installations

  • Remnant Command
  • Dilithium Mines (x3)
  • Deuterium Mine and Refinery (x2)
  • Duotronic and Isolinear Factory