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Gavara IV
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Gavara Colony is a small colony under Starfleet command in the Gamma Quadrant. Formerly commanded by Rear Admiral Frank Sturmgeist, Gavara Colony is located on Gavara IV and serves as the Federation's outpost north of the wormhole.


Gavara Colony is at the fringes of explored Federation Space in the Gamma Quadrant. It is home to a diverse community of species from all over the galaxy who have come here to start a new life. On the edge of explored space, it is a gateway for exploration and discovery. Located in a temperate zone on the M Class planet of Gavara IV, the colony's missions vary from surface-based tasks to space-based one, thanks to the support of the Galaxy-Class USS Fitzgerald.

Gavara IV is the fourth planet in the Gavara System and is currently the most distant Federation Colony in the Gamma Quadrant. After the Dominion War's end in 2375, people from all over the galaxy began flocking to the Gamma Quadrant. With the Dominion crippled, the Federation moved a task force into the quadrant to defend and police the new arrivals as well as to keep an eye on the Dominion.

Most people moved to the worlds nearest the Bajoran Wormhole and around Task Force Command on Altor II. Some, however, moved further away. The Gavara System is the furthest colonized system from the Bajoran Wormhole and is one the Quadrant's largest.

The planet is home to an ape-like species simply called the Gavarans. They're intelligent and live a life similar to humans. At one time they had space travel but abandoned the technology four generations ago.

Gavara IV is very similar to Earth in climate. It only has two seasons, however - summer and Spring. The planet doesn't have enough of an axial tilt to give it winter and its orbit is about the same distance from the sun at all times. During the summer it's hot and dry, but humid around the coasts. Temperatures usually hover around 30 degrees Celsius. In the Spring the temperature stays around twenty or so degrees and almost continuously rains.

There are two poles on Gavara IV. Both poles are frozen ocean, but there are rugged and mountainous islands frozen in the ice. The average temperature in the poles is negative ten.

The planet has one super-continent. It is the length of Earth's North and South America and is about the same size, but wraps around the planet’s equator. Gavara Colony is located a quarter between the equator and the north pole. There is a mountain chain that cuts diagonally across the northern half the continent from east to west, with peaks reaching 5000 metres. Most of the continent is mostly covered in forest, but there are two large deserts, and many vast plains.

Gavara IV has two moons. One is slightly smaller than Earth's and the other is about the size of Mars' Phobos.

Colony Specifications

Gavara Colony is home to about 30,000 people from all over the galaxy. The predominant species are Humans (20,000), Bajorans (5000) and Trill (3500). It is built like a city and is fitted with a respectable transportation infrastructure. People mostly live in apartment blocks throughout the city. Each building houses a few hundred - some more than others. Some people, however, live in houses on the outskirts of the colony or completely outside of it in the forest or plains by themselves.

It is built over six square kilometres on relatively hilly terrain, but recedes down into a vast plain. From the upper levels of the taller buildings, when looking east, one has a clear view of the ocean eight kilometres away.

To get around people usually take the trains that link the most important parts of the city. There are four districts to the city. The administrative district, where the government and councils sit; the residential district, where the majority of civilians live; the Starfleet district, where Starfleet personnel live and work; and the economic district, where shops, malls, markets and trade are conducted.

The city is powered by a nuclear fusion plant which is located in its centre. This fairly large plant provides enough power to fill the needs of all essentials including replicators and transporters.

There are five landing pads in the city. Two of them are large enough for an Intrepid class vessel, while the others are more geared for smaller craft like transports and freighters.

Administrative District

All civilian administration is conducted in this part of the city. City Hall is located here, as is the Council Deliberation Chamber. The governor's office and staff buildings are here. This is also where the police station and general hospital are found.

This is one of the most attractive parts of the city, with its tall glass buildings and many parks and fountains.

Starfleet District

Starfleet business is conducted from here. All Starfleet personnel stationed at Gavara Colony live in generously sized apartments with all the luxuries of life. There is an extensively equipped science compound that is charged with studying phenomena both planetary and spacial.

There is a marine base that is home to over a hundred marines. They are given a unique training experience in the forests and terrain around the colony. This is the largest marine base for light-years in any distance and when troops need to respond to an incident, the Gavaran marine base is called first.

A wing of Valkyrie-Class fighters is stationed at Gavara Colony. They perform regular system patrols and protect and escort smaller vessels that enter the Gavara system.

There are also many parks in the Starfleet District.

Residential District

Most civilians live in this district in tall apartment buildings. These buildings vary in accommodation depending on their size. Each building is equipped with the necessities of comfortable living. All apartments have replicators and running water. Most buildings have a transporter suite and a few holodecks. They also have a gym and swimming pool. Many also assist in their power generation through solar and wind power, but all are tapped into the fusion power supply.

There are many sources of entertainment and nightlife. Theatre, musical performances and other cultured venues are regular events throughout the city. Some colonists have their own shuttle-crafts and many buildings are outfitted with a landing area on their roofs on communal landing pads at ground level.

Economic District

This is where people do their shopping. Colonists and those from neighbouring systems come here to browse the diverse markets. They are run by people from all over the quadrant. Trade is done here and there are several hotels and conference areas to host trade negotiations.

History and Role of the Colony

Founding and Exploration

Gavara Colony was founded in 2377. The first people to settle the planet were ten thousand humans collected from all over the quadrant. With them came a significant number of Bajorans, Trill and Klingons. They established a well-to-do city near the coast in the south of the northern temperate zone. This way it would be warm year-round, enabling them to grow crops in all seasons.

The colony's population grew steadily as the years went by. Word of it spread throughout the quadrant, and many who were too devastated to remain on worlds ravished by The Dominion headed for Gavara. However, with the surge in population and lack of policing to compensate, crime began to rise. The government established there soon became corrupt and started dealing with the mafia, pirates and other forms of organised crime. Petty theft and violence started increasing. The small police force couldn't do anything to stop it and resorted to crime itself.

In 2379, the government decided to hand power over to a group of pirates whose goal was to use the colonists for their labour and get rich off of them. Many citizens revolted and overthrew the government. Starfleet sent a ship to assist in the colonists' struggle. After the revolt, many colonists kept their role in policing and have been able to maintain order and peace. The people that were part of corruption were either imprisoned or expelled from the colony.

Since then, the colony has served as a launch pad for exploration. The space around the Gavara System is largely unknown and hasn't been explored. It also serves as a trade hub between the Maran Republic and other smaller factions in the are. Because of the diversity of the colony's population, colonists get tastes from all sorts of cultures.

Dominion Capture

Unfortunately in late 2384 the colony was seized by the Dominion. They claimed that Gavara was in Dominion Space and took control. After a week without contact, Starfleet sent the USS Fitzgerald, commanded by then Commodore Frank Sturmgeist, to investigate. It found that the colony was occupied by Dominion forces and after knocking out the defending ships in orbit, the marines and security teams were sent down. In the fight the colony's elected governor was killed, but the Dominion took back their claim on the planet.

After liberating the planet, Starfleet was welcome to use the colony as a planetary base. Task Force 9's Commanding Officer at the time, Rear Admiral Sturmgeist has taken post at the colony and the USS Fitzgerald, now commanded by Captain Ivan Ingram, is stationed at the colony. The colonists now find themselves living much more peacefully with such a strong Starfleet presence.

Consortium Involvement

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