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Earth, humanity's homeworld, was conquered and devastated by the Klingon Empire during the Federation-Klingon War in 2257. Its exact condition is unknown as no one has been allowed to approach or leave the planet.

Current Status

Earth has been fortified by the Klingons and used as a forward operating base. Captured Starfleet resources, including the shipyards and technological advances, have been incorporated into the Klingon fleet, giving the Klingons a strong advantage in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

The complete picture of current state of humans who were left behind on the captured planet is completely unknown. It is believed that up to thirty percent of the survivors have perished since the occupation began. It is known that humanity has been conscripted into a labor service, and others sold as slaves throughout the galaxy as an effort to drive economic growth.

Earth is largely inaccessible to the galaxy at large to nonmembers of the Klingon Empire. Those doing business with the Empire must do so from afar. Anyone not authorized to be on Earth is shot and killed on sight.

Known Losses

  • Estimated Casualties: Over 2.47 billion dead
  • Known destroyed cities: Paris, San Francisco, most major cities and nation capitals.
  • Many forests, monuments, and even museums have been ransacked or burned to the ground.
  • The once green and lush planet has been reduced to a barren state.