Extraction (Mission)

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Season 1




August 2280


Klingons. Orions. Nausicaans. Rigelians. Each of these species is dangerous in their own rights, but each have one aspect in common: “Don’t cross them.” The USS Callisto, the last remaining intelligence asset, has just run out of luck. The ship has been captured, and much of the crew killed. Those left alive are being tortured for information.

The Lexington is ordered to extract the crew and the Callisto, or destroy them if necessary. When the team arrives, however, it seems that the facility holds dozens of high-profile targets from former Federation worlds. Will the crew of the Lexington focus on their own, or will they take a chance on the future of the quadrant itself?


Having just left Andorian spacedock, the Lexington is stopped cold in its tracks thanks to a high-priority message from Starfleet Command. The Lexington soon rendezvous with a courier ship which delivers both Rear Admiral Ombretta del Carlo, Chief of Starfleet Intelligence, and Daniel Bishop, one of the mercenaries who helped reclaim the Lexington. Del Carlo briefs the Lexington's command crew in regards to an urgent mission. The USS Callisto, Starfleet's last intelligence vessel, has been captured, and several of its crew has appeared in a torture facility jointly owned and operated by several of the mafias and syndicates in the Triangle. The identities of who has survived aren't known, nor is the condition of the Callisto, which is now in the ownership of an impound yard. The mission the Admiral gives the Lexington crew is simple: liberate the Callisto, and rescue its crew.

Lexington's senior staff then discuss the different missions they'd been given. Lieutenant Tayler suggests using the stolen Klingon cloaking device to aid in the Callisto's rescue, to which the Captain quickly agrees. Though retrieving the Callisto seems to be the easiest of the two missions, Marty starts to focus on the Nausicaan Depot and decides to pay the facility a visit himself. This decision is met with protests from the senior staff, but the Captain cannot be persuaded otherwise.


August 1, 2280

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