Crossing Over (Mission)

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Crossing Over

Season 3




December 1, 2388


35 days


With the crisis at Finnea Prime averted and the arrival of Starfleet reinforcements to restore order to the planet, the Black Hawk has been released to pick up where the Vasco da Gama left off at the Finnean Convergence Zone.


The Black Hawk arrived to the Finnean Convergence Zone in early December 2388, just weeks before Captain Geisler's first anniversary as a Commanding Officer. Immediately, the entire science and operations department are put to work studying the barrier surrounding the Zone. Led by Commander Djinx and Lieutenant T'Pai, it is determined that the barrier could indeed be traversed. Following a successful trial run conducted in a fighter by Lieutenants T'Pai and Alexander, the crew spends the next several weeks formulating a plan to breach the barrier and enter the Zone.

On January 4, 2389, the Black Hawk is ready to enter the zone using the carefully crafted, yet concerning, algorithm. The first minute of the flight was uneventful. The algorithm failed, sending the ship into several graviton pockets where Lieutenant Langston loses control. Though the Black Hawk did successfully emerge on the other side of the zone, the ship had lost all power, and the crew all memories. For an hour, the mindless crew wander the ship, hoping to learn who and where they are. It is then when three alien ships detect the Black Hawk. Curious about the unknown ship, three teams of aliens beam aboard the Black Hawk to find the aimless crew. The aliens decide to help restore power to the ship, hoping it would give them a better picture of the ship's abilities. While the crew find the ship's manifests and learn their identities, the aliens recognize that the ship could be a threat. Rather than destroy it, the aliens plan to claim the ship and disassemble it. Since most of the aliens communicate telepathically, they select an Aketi from their numbers to communicate to the Black Hawk's crew, explaining that they would tow the ship away and provide medical treatment to the crew. The crew agrees, and the crew begin to be transported off the ship.

Before leaving the ship, Captain Geisler visits his Ready Room and discovers the secret message from his future self he'd hidden away, urging him to trust no one. This prompts the Captain to mobilize his crew and stop the departures. At the first sign of resistance, the boarding parties attack, but are quickly overwhelmed by the rallied crew. Doctor KIj, with the aid of the EMH, successfully restores memories for Lieutenants Joey Geisler, Reginald Hawthorn, Jazmin Parks and Abbey Road. Together, these four rush to the bridge and manage to fend off two of the alien vessels, who had opened fire on the Black Hawk. The third ship is chased away by Lieutenant Commander Terry Walsh and other elements from the 325th.

Safe at last, the Black Hawk retreats to an uninhabited area where repairs begin and the crew undergoes memory recovery treatments.



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Mission 13 began on September 29, 2017. Since that time, 104 posts have been published.

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