Alpha Trios

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Alpha Trios






Notable Features:

Alpha Trios is one of three stars in a tertiary star system. Its neighbors, Beta Trios and Gamma Trios, do not have planetary bodies in orbit. Alpha once supported five worlds, all of which have been ravaged and/or destroyed.

Alpha Trios 1

Aside from two large chunks, most of Alpha Trios 1 has been transformed into an asteroid belt that is slowly spreading in its orbital path.

Alpha Trios 2

Little remains of Alpha Trios 2. Its debris indicates that it was once an L-Class world.

Alpha Trios 3


A lifeless desert planet with a surface temperature that is above the water boiling point.

In orbit is a large space station close to the size of a Cardassian Nor. It was created and maintained by the Aketi. Owned and operated by an Aketi family, Vargass Station has been a fixture in the Alpha Trios system since the destruction of Alpha Trios III. The station has seen better days. Enough money passes through the station, but all of that is funneled into a mercenary security force and other security systems. Station maintenance is secondary.

Several cartels call the station home, creating a thriving black market. While there are some honest businesses on the station, the cartels use these businesses as front for their operation. Each cartel maintains a lucrative relationship with the station commander, and an even more lucrative partnership with the station’s security force, resulting in many deaths and kidnapping of the cartel’s enemies.

Alpha Trios 4


Alpha Trios 4 once supported life. The planet is mostly intact, though its surface was fractured long ago in a planetary explosion that pushed all atmosphere away. All that remains is a single, domed habitat which was painstakingly constructed by the surviving species, the Triosians.

The habitat boasts a large sporting arena which features multiple events throughout the year. These events range from gladiatorial combat to games of strategy and physical contact. The most popular is Morjaba, which involves two teams fighting for control of three flags in a continually changing maze-like arena. Surrounding these events are black markets and illicit gambling rings. Win, and the individual gains riches. Lose, and you become a forced participant.

Alpha Trios 5

A large gas giant, just smaller than Jupiter in the Sol System. Composed of mostly argon and krypton, this gas giant displays its dull blue and white as it slowly orbits the star.

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